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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bitter Sweet

Halloween Update! Yay!

The new pet adventure is here! This is the adventure that was accidentally released before (TBA) but now it's finished and called Bitter Sweets! As expected it's a Halloween exclusive adventure and can only be hosted by clicking on one of these portals

While TBA was just an early version of Bitter Sweets, there are a lot of differences
Here is the "join" screen

It is still like eagle quest in that you have to search for certain things (and like I mentioned before in a post, you have to collect candy)
And the mini phantoms are called Proto-Phantoms and they are harmless, but instead of clicking on them you have to touch them by walking into them
The map also looks like a phantom

Unfortunately AJ went back to maintenance mode right before I finished and got my prizes so I couldn't tell you if this adventure had a horse coin-like item
But enough about Bitter Sweets, here's page 2 of the Jamaa Journal

Pandas and tarantulas are back!
I didn't get a picture of the spiders in the store but I'll have a new post up with all the new items later
Page 3

 The good ol' haunted mansion den is back! But look at what the other half of the page says... It mentions exciting adventureS which possibly means there will be more new adventures!

Page 4 has a phantom portal and haunted forest party "advertisement"
Looks like the old Spooky Party will never again show its face :(

Page 5 shows a new video by an AJ artist and also says that you can get ocean shaman statues!
 All that was the "sweet" part of the post, now for the bitter part

 The final page says cheetas will be leaving soon

I still don't understand why they take away animals from shops but okay... I guess for the same reason they take away items from shops, but at least those can be traded
With new updates brings new BUGS!
These pictures were taken BEFORE AJ went back into maintenance so maybe they are fixed now?

When typing a message, the message will first display as "..." and then turn into your actual message

And in the Diamond Shop some items had their names displayed even though I wasn't mousing over them

 Yeah... weird

I wasn't done with my photography so hopefully AJ will come back online soon


  1. Augh I have
    the candy register
    candy wall light
    lollipop stand
    chocolate conveyor belt
    chocolate covered apples
    candy table
    candy chair
    candy fence
    candy window
    and one other things
    but I really want the
    candy barrel
    and one other thing.

    my username is

    and please trade me one of the things I don't have.

    I just recently found out about it! :D

    1. I think I have an extra barrel, will you trade a candy fence?

  2. you posted so early!


    1. I typically post around an hour of when new updates happen because speed

  3. CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SPELT CHEETAHS WRONG! BIG FAT MEANIE!


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