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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Glitchy stuff

I was trying to log into today AJ but the site itself wouldn't load. Other sites were loading just fine, so it must have been something to do with AJ. When I finally got on, everyone was saying stuff like "AJHQ logged me out" so I guess AJ was down for a little while. Odd...

While I was searching for the new items today, I went to Sunken Treasures to see if there was a new item there. There wasn't but when I got there the screen looked like this:

As I moved around, the screen would flash to the normal look of Sunken Treasures, this black shadowy look, and this:

AJ needs to get some sleep or something, since it doesn't seem to be working properly!

I also want to say something about one of the new items today (I might as well show them all in this post)

In Jam Mart Furniture there is a new Spooky Couch!

In Bahari Bargains is the return of an old item, the Skeleton Suit!

They actually recently made a land version of this item with the same name (and same amount of layer glitchiness) but take a look at that price difference!

But the item I really wanted to talk about was the new Robot Mask in Jam Mart Clothing

This is actually a long awaited item that was shown in some weird AJ promotional picture from 2010(?)

While the one seen in this picture (there is an unknown animal wearing a full robot costume in front of the haunted mansion) is different from the one that's now available, they do have some similarities, such as the antenna on the top

Just something I found interesting. Tomorrow there should be a new update (Which should have been last week, but since there was an update for 2 weeks in a row it was changed to tomorrow) so hopefully we will see some cool new stuff!


  1. Sorry this is off topic though I just remembered I didn't get my weekly diamond yesterday! Did you get yours? Cause I didn't get mine... And I was reading the animal jam spirit, and a lot of people had the same problem last week. Though I got mine last week, though I didn't yesterday. Weird.

    1. I got mine, but I did see a lot of people on AJ that were complaining because they didn't get one


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