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Friday, October 10, 2014

I updated the item archive page if anyone cares

Link >>here<< or click on the "Today's new item" thing on the side

I changed the page so that the newer items are on top rather than the bottom, so you don't have to scroll for new items anymore
I also changed a few other things that no one is going to notice

But yeah, the page is more clean now... I'll probably fix up the Unreleased and Deleted Items page next


  1. I don't get it! I was at epic wonders and there were a lot of
    "Dark" people dressed in black and grey and all that. So I said
    "There is a lot of dark people here I . I" And it said
    "Your message was blocked because it may not be appropriate" How's that inappropriate??

    1. I guess AJ thought that was racist?

    2. Yeah I guess so...


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