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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Info on Animal Coins

If you don't know, when The Forgotten Desert first came out, there was a mysterious item called Horse Coin that could be found in the gem chests. They were only available for the first hour or so, and then were taken out of the adventure. If you still had one of these coins, it would let you keep them. Horse Coins looked like this

Though, recently they have been taken out of the game completely, meaning anyone who had one had theirs removed form their inventory. This was most likely because they were never meant to be released

But I have some more interesting news - the person who posted all those unreleased items posted a new image

It seems there is actually a coin for every animal in the game, and each come in 10 colors!
But there is something I just notice while writing this post. I'm going to use the blue Elephant Coin as an example

Here is the Elephant Coin

And here is the elephant badge that you can use on your nametag if you are a member

Notice anything similar? The elephant picture on the coin and the badge are the same! (The badge has a sparkle on it though)

And this is the same for every animal badge and coin!
Another thing I noticed is that there are 10 colors of each coin, but there are also 10 nametag colors for members!

So what could all this mean? Maybe we were all supposed to get a coin with our animal and nametag color depending on what animal we use? Who knows?
I find it pretty interesting that the coins use the same images as member badges, and the same colors as member nametags

Horse Coins just got more mysterious!


  1. That's pretty hip!

    I will be waiting at your den nahsis.

    1. Lol. Horse coins are okay, but they kinda look weird as a den item don't you think?

  2. This is my first time at this blog, and I have to say its pretty cool. I might be visiting this one on a daily basis. 😉

  3. Kuru, Do you have a spare red long you can give me? I accidently traded mine for a pink long. I meant to trade my yellow long, not my red long. Please, if you have one maybe I can trade my pink long I really need it back :`(

    1. Spiked collars? I gave all of mine away other than my pink one, sorry

  4. THAT IS GROUNGBREAKING! AJHQ 8is planning something VERY mysterious. MWAHAHHAHAHAH


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