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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Item History - Elf Tail Armor

Elf Tail Armor has a story behind it (it's not much of a story but I guess it counts) so I think it deserves to be a topic on Item History!

Around November of 2011, a mysterious Jammer with the username sizzlerat appeared

No one was quite sure who sizzlerat was, but if there was anything I was sure of, it was that she is really good at making animal outfits (come on, that wolf looks really good)
sizzlerat had Elf Tail Armor before anyone else, which was a pretty big deal at the time because everyone really wanted tail items to come to AJ since the removal of Skullys
A lot of people called the tail item a "tail glove" but I emailed AJHQ and told me it was called Elf Tail Armor (which was one of the few times I actually got a real answer from their emails)
Not only did she have Elf Tail Armor, but she had unreleased colors of Elf Bracelets and Jamaaliday Bow (which have since been released)
There were so many rumors about sizzlerat - some said she was a hacker, by the truth is she was from AJHQ! I don't know if she was a bot or an actual person, but the account was in fact created by AJHQ, probably to test Elf Tail Armor
A few days later after she became well known around AJ, the account was removed from searches, meaning if you tried to search for sizzlerat on AJ, it would just say they couldn't be found (you still can't search sizzlerat or create a new account with that name) and this is because most of AJHQ's accounts are hidden

The item stayed unreleased for a while, but on March 1st 2012, they were released as a monthly gift

But when they were still unreleased, they had a small change
Take a look at these screenshots I took of sizzlerat's tail armor

Nothing unusual, right? Well, look at these pictures I took five minutes ago:

Before you ask, that isn't really sizzlerat, just my animal that I made to look like her
If you can't tell the difference between the old tail design and the new, sizzlerat's tail armor had no light pink lines like mine does! The white shine on the red gems is less noticeable on sizzlerat's tail armor too
This is something a lot of people don't remember or know about
They probably made this change to make it look more like armor

Also, when Elf Tail Armor came out for the monthly gift, there were 11 colors. Clothing items can only have up to 8 colors

If you want to see the old item icons, go here:

Eventually Elf Tail Armor was put in the Diamond Shop, but since clothing items can only have 8 available colors, some colors of Elf Tail Armor isn't for sale (I wrote about that on the Unreleased Items page, but I'll put that section here)

 "Elf Tail Armor came back and is now available in the Diamond Shop. However, these five colors of Elf Tail Armor did not return. These colors aren't really glitched or anything, the reason they didn't come back was because of the way shops work. Clothing items are only capable of having 8 different colors available in shops, so technically these 5 colors aren't the same as the other 8 (it's a bit hard to explain, just take my word for it)"

That's the section that I wrote on that page, and these are the 5 that didn't come back:

I'll try to explain what I mean by "these 5 colors aren't the same as the other 8" a little better

When changing the color of clothing items, there are 8 different colors (though some items don't have any more colors than the default)
But some items have more than 8 colors (I'll use Eyeball Hats as an example)
Eyeball Hats originally had 5 colors, and in 2011 Halloween there were 4 new colors. However, the pink eyelash Eyeball Hat was not sold, meaning there were only 8 colors sold that year. This is because the pink eyelash eye has a different item ID than the other ones do, which basically means the game doesn't count them as the same item
(I'm really not good at explaining things, so sorry about that)

So, these 5 tail armor colors have a different ID than the other 8 do, so if AJHQ wanted all 11 colors to be in stores, there would have to be 2 sets of the same item; one for the "normal" 8 and 1 for these 5
However, if that happened there would probably be 3 more colors of Elf Tail Armor to go along with that 5 so it adds up to 8

There is some proof that the 5 of these tails have a different ID than the other 8 though! I don't know if this is still the case, but in the past when you tried to recycle one of the 8 "normal" tails, it would sell for 300 gems

But if you tried to sell one of the other 5, you'd only get 45 gems!

This is because, like I've been trying to say, the game classifies the five as a different item than the other 8

Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much, but I guess that's part of the fun

Elf Tail Armor has always been an interesting item in my opinion

What item should I do next for Item History?


  1. One of my new favorite games is doing "rare versions" of things in AJ style!

    Here she is next to my other Furcorn

  2. I remember sizzlerat. Good times :P

  3. I wish I could have met sizzlerat. I did know about Sizzle before, though, when you posted about her before you switched to Meloetta385. I say "her" because everyone thought Sizzle was a girl, right? Anyway, I've always liked Elf Tail Armor. :)

    1. I remember meeting sizzlerat. One time it was in Jamaa Township (that's when I got the pictures of the tail armor without the lines on it) and she was just using the creepy "joy" member emote over an over
      The other time was at her den with a group of other people. I can't remember clearly, so I don't know if she was talking to us or not

  4. can u PLZ make the seach bar work its a lil anoyying

    1. It really is annoying so I know what you mean. I'll try finding a new one that actually works

    2. Alright, added a new search bar that seems to actually work

  5. I still don't know why everyone calls these "beta"


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