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Sunday, October 26, 2014

More unreleased AJ stuff?

These pictures are not mine and are taken from this link:

EDIT: So, since the Rare Spooky Top Hat was in fact today's rare Monday item, that basically confirms all of these are legit

So these are some more unreleased items AJ

I don't know a whole lot about the person who took these pictures but they are obviously a hacker
But as I said, don't give me credit for these images
This is an unreleased item for Rare Mondays which will probably be the next one since it is Halloween themed

This is the Jamaaliday Sled Runway

Weight Bench and Toilet (which are both items that are in Tunnel Town)

Those are all of the plaques in the game, minus one or two of them. There are two unreleased ones in this pictures, one of them being the Epic Den Plaque (the one that looks like a castle) and the Reward Plaque which looks like a Howl Plaque

Another unreleased Rare Item Monday item which could also be a Halloween themed one (but probably isn't)

Pet lions are also going to be released eventually (I thought they had those already)
This could hint that regular lions will return to the Diamond Shop too (if they aren't there already)

And finally, the new animal ARE polar bears (according to the poster anyway)

If this is real, polar bears will be in the Diamond Shop (we all say that coming though) but they seem to be ocean and land animals like otters were!

If one of these items/animals do come out officially, then I guess it's probably safe to assume these are all real

Edit: I left this out of the post before, but there is also this weird item (I think it's just called Clock)

This really doesn't look like an item that belongs in AJ... It looks like something that belongs on the side of a blog or something! But apparently this clock is in the game's code, and I'm really not sure why
My guess is it is used by AJHQ as, well, a clock, but shouldn't their computers have clocks already?
My other guess is it is meant to be a test item. An item that tests items that change over time, like the Epic Season Tree


  1. You forgot the unreleased clock

    1. I didn't include it because I don't think it is meant to be an item that's ever going to be released, but I guess I will put it in the post

    2. Where did you get these pics? I want to post about them on my blog! They are so COOL!!!

    3. There's a link in the second line of the post

  2. Your blog is amazing. Keep up the great work.

  3. you may want to say probably instead of obviously it may upset the person who took these pics. other than that great post!

    1. There's really no way you can get pictures of unreleased item in stores without hacking though

  4. I JUST made a post on this, not knowing you did. I didn't mean to copy your idea. I found this out when someone gave him a shoutout.

  5. HA! He removed all the unreleased item pictures. He only has one left. That's suspicious.

  6. And he also deleted his profile picture of the polar bear!

  7. Omg! Look! Another unreleased item!! Look here:


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