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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More weird pictures (Edited)

I was just looking through my old collection of AJ pictures (a good portion of them might be lost forever) and I found a few more that I think deserve some mention. There are only 3 this time though

The first picture is from early AJ (after beta, though)

These are the old icons for the Small House and Castle dens
It's a small image and making it bigger will only make it blurry, so this will have to do
These icons reveal that both of those dens have windows (though you can't see them in game because some walls are invisible so you can actually see the inside of the den)
I find it pretty interesting that there are windows in our dens that we can't see

 Next, here's a picture of an invisible animal named Princess Orangemountain

You are probably wondering what this is
I've talked about "defaults" before, and that is what Princess Orangemountain is. When animal names fail to load properly, they appear as Princess Orangemountain, or at least they used to (I think they show up as tempAvt now)
In some cases, it was Princessess Orangemountain, and all of those names are ones you cannot use for your animals. I'm not sure why this happened, but I guess there's no way to know now since this can no longer happen (because now animal names show up as tempAvt when loading, which means temporary avatar)
Pets' default/loading names used to be Princess Orange, but I think it is tempAvt now too
(yeah that part was confusing sorry)

And finally, another thing that I mentioned before, pure white furniture!

This picture was taken at a Wolves Only Party. The first second or so that I arrived, these items appeared white (I'm not even sure how I managed to take this picture since it only stayed like that for a second, maybe less)
I talked about defaults/loading colors in >>this post<<
White is the default for most (if not all) den items

Someone should teach me how to explain things better

Edit: I found some more pictures! These are some ads for AJ:

 All of those items are ones that are in the game right? Take a look at what that panda is holding... That could possibly be a new item! Maybe it will be called Spiked Club, but it seems a little violent for AJ. Actually never mind, this game has nun chucks, bows, and swords too lol

And this one:

(credit goes to nafaria9 for this picture)
I'm nor sure what Tunnel Town bunnies are doing in an AJ ad, but look at the bunny in between the two toucan bunnies
I don't remember seeing any bunny like that in AJ OR Tunnel Town! If it isn't a real ad, it makes me wonder why they'd use official art for 4 of the bunnies and then make their own for just one bunny


  1. Is a founders, short black wrist, short yellow collar, and neon bow fair for a stone sword??

    1. It's your call, but keep in mind the spiked stuff and neon bow are in eagle adventure while founders and stone swords are not
      Also, there are only like two stone swords in AJ and both are hacked

    2. Yeah I decided not to do the trade. I'm afraid that it might be hacked or generated or something. And her friend constantly keep telling me that it wasn't generated and keep telling me how much is worth just so I can do my founders and stuff. I find it suspicious so I'm not doing the trade.

    3. They were never released or given away anywhere so it's obviously hacked or generated

      May I ask who it was? I know someone who owns a stone sword, just wondering if it is them

    4. It was foxx111
      I also asked her how she got it, though she said she can't tell me cause I would tell everyone.
      And also, I think she's friends with Nikor, a suspected hacker. She was asking her if she wanted to offer, though she didn't.

    5. That's not the person I know that has a stone sword, interesting

    6. thx for making THE SEACH BAR WORK

    7. What is a generated item?

    8. Item generation is what people call it when hackers cheat in items. In other words, generating items is when someone hacks AJ and gives themselves an item unfairly

  2. Hey, didya know that Stone Swords are now in the Diamond Shop? Btw I'm using Santa Tracker and he is now heading for St Petersburg, Russia in 48 seconds. Last seen in Moscow, Russia. Btw I sighted Rudolps nose :3
    18:13: Now finished by St. Petersburg and is going for Tbislia, Georgia in 4 minutes 32 seconds. I feel like a Santa Spy >:3.
    Link is:http://noradsanta.org/
    OMG HE IS NEARING THE U.K. WHERE I LIVE! HAS NOT BEEN THROUGH AMERICA YET. Delievered more than 2billion presents. O.o LOL I'm wasting my time as much as your time

  3. One time my friends animal faild to load and it said the animal name was temp veart.


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