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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Phantom Journal October 9

If you want to know how to get a bat, >>Click Here<<

I didn't think we'd get a new update so soon, but there's a new update so soon!

Clearly the phantoms took over this issue of the Jamaa Journal!
But based on the front page, it seems like we will be getting some new items such as skeleton tail armor and the Bride of Frankenstein's hair!

It looks like the Spooky Party didn't die, and was just hiding in the shadows! So that's good, the Spooky Party once again lives on

Also, phantoms r the bezt!

 That's pretty cool! You can purchase some of AJ's music on places like the iTunes Store!

Too bad there's no music from The Hive, I really like that music :\

I normally like phantoms, and I think they are adorable, but that's just plain r00d!

 Fantomz r reelly bad at speling apearently

I'm not sure what this "candie" stuff is but I want some!

 Also, AJ fixed one of the problems with the chat system (finally!)

I was trying to explain how to get a bat to someone and AJHQ found that inappropriate for some reason, but instead of the usual popup that says I'm a bad person for being inappropriate even though I did nothing wrong, I got this:

That's certainly a change for the better! It's still annoying though, getting my message blocked even though I said nothing bad...


  1. This post originally came before the previous post, but I bumped it up because reasons (not sure why I am commenting this but okay)

    1. I know what you mean about annoying! All I said once was "I thought the AJBDAY party was sooooooo cool!" and apparently using the letter "o" more than once is bad???

  2. i think by ''candie'' the phantoms mean condy and anyway phantoms :holds out buket of candy: nup its mine!

    1. Whatever this "condy" stuff is, I want some of that too!

  3. OMG ROOD PHANTOMS! I LOVE CHEETAHS! (if you dont know that u need help, no offense)


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