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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Another long awaited item that was hinted in the picture below has finally been released!

It's called the Trick-Or-Treat Bucket and is in Jam Mart Clothing!

I'm just wondering why there is a small bunny in the bucket... Chocolate bunny I guess?

I might as well post the other new item from today, the Mystical Potion Set

You can find these potions in Jam Mart Furniture

Too bad my favorite month is coming to an end...

And on a random note, here are a few messages people were saying in the town that I found weird

This fox girl said these two things over and over

 "gift me they have this armor" and "only the best one"
What the heck does that even mean? I'm guessing they are asking for gifts, and whoever sends them the best/rarest gift wins the armor? But that wording... I kept asking them who "they" was and they stayed quiet for a few minutes and then started saying it again... yeah

And this arctic wolf was saying this message at the same time fox girl was saying her messages

So who "every" gift(s) them, they will have "a" ice armor? They don't explain who will give the sender "a ice armor" so how are we supposed to know? I need answers!


  1. Once a girl in Jamaa Township was saying to gift her because her mom got ran over.

    1. I've seen stuff like "send me gifts my grandma is in the hospital"

      It's not like sending someone gifts is going to save your grandma

    2. ya its not like pixels are the future for grandmas.(my grand my got ran over by reindeer walking home from our house Christmas eve)not really ya know the song

    3. "ya its not like pixels are the future for grandmas"

      Nice inspirational quote right there


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