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Saturday, October 18, 2014

SPOOKY Halloween AJ Jokes

My goal is to make these as cheesy and bad as possible (and none of them are even spooky)

Why was the wolf unable to move?
Because it was wearing some of that Diamond Shop armor. That stuff is heavy

Why did the arctic wolf scam?
Because it was greedy

Why does AJHQ give robotic responses and put stuff in the response email that has nothing to do with what I ask them?
I wish I knew the answer to that one :(

What do you call it when it says someone is at your den, but when you go there, your den is empty?
You are probably playing AJ too much, log off and get some fresh air

Why am I making these really really bad jokes (if you can even call them jokes)?
Because I have nothing better to do with my time I'm sorry guys

What is the ghostliest item in the game?
Ghosts (you know, that den item that's literally called Ghosts)

What item is even more ghostly than Ghosts?
None of them

 What did I trade for a 45 gem necklace?
No one cares


  1. Someone please make more of these

    1. Okay, how about:
      What do you call a wolf in a skeleton suit
      a woofeleton
      heheh, okay, that was just sad

    plz put disqus on your site.

    1. No not disqus!! I don't like disqus it has to many glitches and it sometimes lags. I like this better

    2. I hate disqus it is so confusing you put in your email and its like 'this email is already in use'

    3. Yeah, I think I will be leaving the comment section the way it is

  3. How do you Make a blog popular? I tried to and it's really LAAAMMMEEEE. The only visitor is meep.

    1. Well, this blog used to be the most popular AJ blog, but now I don't have that many viewers. I think it became popular because I created this blog around when the previous most popular blog owner, Fuzzy Shyivy, quit. People needed some place to get AJ news so they found me

      But I quit for a while and came back, but it looks like I got left in the dust :(

      So you are asking the wrong person this

    2. Aww I still view your blog everyday :)

    3. So do I! Thanks for trying! And you do get loads of views! I saw you this morning and it only had 860,799, but now it has 860,957! That's awesome!

    4. Same here! Soon you'll be dancig in the flowers, not sobbing in the dust ;)

    What do you call a Phantom being rude?
    A Roodantom.


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