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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spooky Party 2014

The Spooky Party is upon us!

Before I get to the shop I want to point out that bats are back but not in the same place as they used to be! I've already seen a ton of people fighting over them so I'll get right to the point, you can get bats by clicking on the bat on the wallpaper above the furniture shop!

No one at the party that I was at could seem to find it for some reason

By clicking on the bat on the wallpaper, the pet finder will open

Now for the shops

There are 3 shops at the party
The one in the screenshot with the bat on the wallpaper is the furniture shop which has these items:

The music shop looks like this:

And just sells Spooky Old Bones like the one at the Haunted Forest Party

And the clothing shop looks like this:

And sells these:

Everything else is basically the same as it used to be, which is still fine I guess


  1. Forgot to mention that the shops will change when when the daily items come out, these are just what is for sale when the party came out this year

  2. Someone said there was an update today. Is that true? If so can you make a post about the update?

  3. Oh lol I didn't see it I guess I wasn't paying attention Lol sorry

    1. I made this post and that post at about the same time, I really should have put that post at the top which I think I'll do soon


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