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Monday, October 6, 2014

TBA vs Bitter Sweets 1

This post is mainly just going to be comparing things in Bitter Sweets and TBA (as well as finding differences)
If you didn't know, TBA was sort of like a test version of the Bitter Sweets adventure
If you want to find out more about TBA, check these posts:

Let's start with the candy that replace gem bags in TBA

In TBA, the candy you collect are really gem bags with badly drawn candy over them. The reason why they are badly drawn is because they are just a temporary drawing, meaning it would be replaced later

The candy in the final release of the adventure which is Bitter Sweets can come in a variety of styles unlike in TBA, where every candy looks the same
Here is a candy from Bitter Sweets:

That's the candy that looks the most like TBA's candy

Unlike in TBA, Bitter Sweets features both functioning candy and gem bags

TBA's Proto-Phantoms acted much different than they do in Bitter Sweets

Proto-Phantoms weren't afraid of the player(s) in TBA, and instead just floated around and did their own thing
Proto-Phantoms are destroyed in TBA just by clicking on them, while in Bitter Sweets you have to run into them to destroy them
This could mean that it was planned that in the final release you would have to click on them to destroy them, but they changed it to running into them so it's a little harder. It also could just be because their AI wasn't finished
Proto-Phantoms don't attack the player in Bitter Sweets, but they were originally going to
In TBA, if your pet touched one, the Proto would release an electric shock

You can see the full animation in the tour video I posted in link 1
The electric shock didn't harm the player, but it most likely would have if it was used int he final release
It's probable that they can't attack the player anymore because you are required to touch them to defeat them now

In TBA, the player's heart count was based on the level of the animal that the player was when they joined the adventure. For example, when I went to play TBA I was my level 17 wolf with 5 hearts. In the adventure, my pet had 5 hearts because my wolf did
In Bitter Sweets, the player will always have one heart regardless

Regular phantoms couldn't harm the player in TBA

And the final bit of trivia for today isn't really from TBA, but when Bitter Sweets was first officially released, all candy dropped from Proto-Phantoms were worth 3 points, and this was later changed to 4 points after an update for an unknown reason

Hopefully I didn't bore you (but chances are I did lol)
And wow I said TBA and Bitter Sweets a lot in this post

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Amazing, I never even knew the TBA ever existed!


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