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Thursday, October 9, 2014

TBA vs Bitter Sweets 2

As promised, part 2

I'm going to refer to Bitter Sweets as the official release in this post, and I will refer to TBA as things like during development

During development, Liza was originally going to be the "guide" for this adventure

In the final release, the "guide" (by guide I mean the one who talks to the player when you join/when the adventure is done) is an unknown animal
I don't have a picture because AJ is in maintenance mode as of this post, but the unknown animal does mention that they are in fact an animal, and also says "that may or may not have fur" so it's possible that the unknown animal IS Liza, based on how she appeared in TBA

Another interesting thing is that Bitter Sweets was originally going to be more like The Forgotten Desert
This is the crystal shard chart that appeared in TBA

Those are the same crystal shards that appear in The Forgotten Desert! 
As you can see you need 1 green, 2 yellow, 3 blue, and so on, and based on this I can guess that these are placeholder amounts, meaning they haven't decided on the amounts of each needed
Candy collected in TBA would give the player +1 green shard, thought collecting more than one candy would make the counter go back to 0
However, like most things that were in TBA were just placeholders, it's also possible that The Forgotten Desert's crystal shard chart was also a placeholder for the new "candy counter" that appears in the final release

Gem bags, which also counted as green shards, counted towards every player that was in the adventure with you, but in the final release any candy you collect will not count towards other players' candy count
This was probably changed so players couldn't just wait at the start while the other players do all the work

There's an unused room in TBA that doesn't appear in the final release
That room was accessed by clicking on the ! tab on the LEFT of where you started

The unused room looked like this:

It was just a plain rectangular room with nothing in it other than a ! tab which would just teleport you out of the room if you clicked on it

It's not know what this room was going to be for. My guess is it was going to be a room where you have to fight a boss like in The Hive, Greely's Inferno, and The Search For Greely
I don't know about you, but a boss fight with pets would have been really interesting!

I think that pretty much covers everything that wasn't in the other info posts I made

If I forgot anything, let me know!


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