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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The bugs and glitches of Halloween

Back in 2011 there were a lot of annoying glitches when Halloween rolls in

And it looks like this year has a scary amount of glitches too! (Do you get it? Scary? Because Halloween? sorry I'll stop trying)

A few of these were in one of my 2014 Halloween posts but I'll put them in this post too for convenience

The first one is the text glitch with these two items

This is probably because of their long names, but whenever I open the armor shop in the Diamond Shop, these items always display their names even though I am not mousing over them

The next one involves the new adventure. Most of the time when we get four people to stand on the things that trigger chests to appear in the new adventure, they don't work! The way we got them to work was all of us got off the the foot things and went back on at the same time
This picture doesn't show the glitch but I lost the picture that did so enjoy this I guess?

The next one involves the broken chat system. Typing a message will cause it to display as "..." before your message loads

And the most annoying one is the loading glitch. If I want to play AJ, I have to wait literally 15 minutes to wait for the game to load! It just stays on the loading screen for a long time while the globe spins. I tried shutting down my computer multiple times, refreshing, emptying the cache, updating flash, and all of that stuff that never actually works
When I finally got on, I get this message

Well, maybe this means they will fix these annoying bugs


  1. Man I hate that speech update...

  2. me too HEY look my mom got an google :) i took the profile pic myself!


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