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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Juice Hut

We all know about Captain Melville's Juice Hut, right? It's probably one of the most forgotten places in Jamaa. It's probably because it doesn't have much to offer... There was one point when the Juice Hut was crowded in every server, and that was when the new colored and rare plushies were introduced. Then AJHQ decided to put more claw machines in other rooms to clear up the crowds in the Juice Hut

And since then, the Juice Hut lost its few days of being one of the most popular rooms... That poor little useless juice hut :(

I'm not sure why I included that but of AJ trivia but just go with it

Here's something someone might find interesting. There is still a glimpse of the old Crystal Sands in the Juice Hut window!

Here is the outside of the Juice Hut window

But if you look through that same window from inside the Juice Hut, it looks like this...

(I don't remember who, but someone else told me about this)

It looks like there is a water well outside the window though. I don't recall there ever being a well in Crystal Sands, so maybe this window isn't really a view of old Crystal Sands, but instead a view into another dimension! That would explain how new animals magically come to Jamaa, right? Probably

While on the topic of Crystal Sands, here's a wallpaper of the old Crystal Sands

There are so many cave openings in this picture that weren't actually there in the real Crystal Sands which I still find pretty weird

I remember visiting that volcano whenever I had that walk on walls glitch... ah, good times

They should really make a party for the old sands like they did for beta dens

I feel like making this post extra long today, so I am going to shove something else into this post

In another old AJ background, Jamaa Township had these lamps

I can't say for sure if those lamps were actually there at one point, but lamps that look identical appear in the Juice Hut ever since beta


  1. Ahhh, the old Crystal Sands *wails*
    It was strange, when they brought in the new one, loads of people were really happy...until about ten days later, when they realised how awful it was :P

  2. Strange . . . and cool! I love reading the little tidbits around Jamaa! :)


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