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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tunnel Town Halloween Update

While not really related to AJ, the majority of Tunnel Town's players are also AJ players, so I might as well post this here

Tunnel Town has gotten the Halloween update that I've been waiting for!

This is just what I needed to get myself back into Tunnel Town! Let's check out the new bunnies

First there are new Pumpkin Bunnies for 10,000 gems each

Vampire Bunnies for 400 stars (definitely not overpriced)

And Frankenstein Bunnies for 800 stars, because everyone has 800 stars sitting around lol 

If you want to breed Vampire and Franken bunnies, you should try breeding two Pumpkin bunnies
Franken Bunny + Vampire will also work to get more Franken and Vampire bunnies

I really like all of them mainly because they are Halloween related, but I especially like my vampire, Shiki

There's also a bunch of new Halloween flavored furniture!

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a giant pair of eyes watching me when I sleep...

And there's also... Gears?

There's also some new goals, like for hatching the new bunnies and buying the Monster set


  1. I wanted to make a reference to this but I couldn't figure out a way to fit it in:

    1. c: I see what you did. AC if I am correct ;D PS. I love Shiki!!

    2. Kitty Katsu please help I'm bored


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