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Friday, October 31, 2014

Yay, Halloween

 That day is finally here again, Halloween! I don't really have anything Halloween related to post, but I do have some more unreleased stuff to show!

These are once again from ajinsider (and you can tell because it says "@ajinsider" on all of them)

Test Ice Cream Cake Freeze for 9999 gems is the first image
This is obviously a test item (it clearly says "Test" in the item name and is a crazy price)
I'm not sure what exactly this is supposed to be a test for... This item will never actually be released official (since it's a test item) unless they decide to use it for April Fools or something

Here's an unreleased bouncy castle that may be used as a new room, or the more likely possibility, a new party or den

This is a picture of a new den that's also coming out! There's a 98.3% chance that it will be in the Diamond Shop 

And finally, another picture of Pet Lion Cubs, which shows that they can be with or without manes (the last picture showed the cub with a mane)


  1. Are you following him on Instagram? Cause last time I checked he made it private so I can't view what he's posting.

    1. And is that all he has posted so far? Or is there more stuff he has posted?

    2. I just made an instagram but I don't use it at all, and that is all he has posted as of now... There used to be more stuff but AJHQ took it down, but I thinka ll of it is in my previous posts

    3. Oh ok. I also wanted to know, how old are you..? It's ok if you choose not to answer. I just want to know.

    4. I was going to give a sassy response but instead I'll just say I'm 16 or something

    5. I'm 16 or something too! lol

    6. I never thought I'd meet another person who is 16 or something

  2. Wow this is interesting, so many leaks recently, ORAS and AJ, very interesting indeed :3

  3. no post? ok. (btw this is the day AFTER Halloween)


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