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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Annoying bugs and glitches of the latest update

I made 3 new posts in a short time, so in case you missed the others, I'll give you link because I'm nice

It turns out there are way more of them than I thought originally... And all of them are pretty annoying (other than the Rare Monday item coming back, of course)

These first two images aren't pf glitches, but of the two new items' other colors avaialable

And now for the glitches! Some of these will probably be fixed pretty soon, so this is basically just a log of annoying glitches that happened when the update first happened

When you try to type a contraption, all of the following letters will be in caps

Most of the new gloves don't look like how they are supposed to look
I'll post the two most notable ones (I do have pictures of the other 6 in case I need them later on)

 The orange glove looks really faded, but the weirdest one is the white and red glove. When it's worn, it appears to be mostly raspberry!

XxCatNamedWolfxX told me about this next one. If you scroll down to the bottom of your achievement list, you should have tons of the Color Me Rad! achievement

There's also the diamond glitch that was in my update post, where I bought a polar bear but it still said I had 12 diamonds

And the glitch where the last Rare Monday item is back in Jam Mart Clothing

Aaaaaand the leafy antlers polar bear glitch

Well, I did guess that this update would be full of glitches. I thought there would be fun ones, but at least was was half right... I guess?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, polar bears will have white eyes in oceans no matter what color eyes you give your polar bear


  1. Is it me or does some of the colors of the new glove are similar to the mummy glove..?


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