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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blog updates

It's another one of those "there's nothing worth posting about" times, so I'll just talk about things that are only related to my blog(s)

~I added a new poll on the side so you can vote or something

~I updated the Unreleased and Deleted Items page, adding a bunch of new items

~I might delete the chat or at least move it to a more convenient location

~I've been doing some work on the Breadstick blog. If you don't know what Breadstick is, it's a story blog that I made a long time ago about a crocodile plushie's adventures. It was the first plushie story blog out there! (I think people still make blogs like Breadstick)
The story gets (probably) more interesting as it goes on, and there's some humor in it too

I added an introduction page to that blog, so if you click the croc plushie on the side, it will bring you to the introduction page so nothing gets spoiled. There are things in the story that can be spoiled (though I doubt anyone takes it seriously enough to care about spoilers lol) so that's why I made that page. I've also been redoing all of the character pages on there

Alright, I'll stop talking about my other blog now... 

This isn't something I usually do, but I'm going to put in a thank you message to fomar who sent me an Autumn Archway so that I could get a picture of its icon! Unless it was just to be a nice gift, which still deserves a thank you. If you are reading this fomar, I'll be sending it back to you since I got the picture. I don't feel right about keeping it because I have nothing good to give in return unless you want a Whacky Which Way Sign lol

I want to drag out this post for a little while longer (because why not?) but there's nothing else I need to say. Maybe I'll just ask people to give me new ideas for topic to post about. So yeah, maybe you can do that or something

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