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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy holidays I guess

Because it's like a blogger law that you have to make a post about every holiday, I'll make this post and we'll just call it a Thanksgiving post

So enjoy your day of eating birds that have been murdered specifically for your dinner 
and have this picture

I still prefer to eat my usual mac & cheese but whatever floats your boat I guess

I don't really know what else to say so I'll end the post now bye

(lol another sarcasm filled post by Meloetta)

(I know I said I will end the post now but that didn't happen)

(I bet I'm going to get asked how I covered my bunny self in lava)

(those poor birds maaan)


  1. X3 I don't celebrate Thanksgiving.
    AJ has Easter and Christmas which are celebrated by all, St. Patrick's day which is celebrated by the Irish...and then two American celebrations.
    Couldn't they maybe remove one of them and stick in different nationality's holiday? Idk...English, South African, Indian...meh.

    1. I don't celebrate it either. AJ is American game so I guess they shoved in most of tjhe American holidays?

  2. I gutted a bird specifically for my animal science class. It was fun.

  3. Mac and cheese..? You should look at the ingredients and see all the bad stuff in it.. That's why I'm vegetarian and eat organic healthy stuff.
    And how did you get lava on your bunny..? (sorry I just had to ask lol) And you don't celebrate Thanksgiving..? I celebrate every year with my mom and dad. Well, Happy Thanksgiving! (I would of commented earlier though the comment thing wasn't working earlier)


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