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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jamaa Journal - November 6

I know I said my internet didn't work. Well, I was able to tear through the depths of reality (that means I figured out a way to make AJ load) and I actually managed to take pictures of the new stuff! My internet was still pretty bad so I had to sort of rush to get images, but at least I'm not too too late on this

Page 1

Right from the front page we can see that Pet Lion Cubs are real! But I will get to those in a little bit (aka a few lines down)

First let's check out this "newest and biggest" den! The newspaper doesn't say where to get it, but if you weren't paying any attention to the last few dens that came out, they were all in the Diamond Shop. This on exception

 Mhm, 7 diamonds. Good thing I've been saving up!

This is actually the den that was shown with the rainbowy Mira statue that was in a leaked image. I have to say, this den is amazing! If you want to see it for yourself, I am using it as  and my den will be unlocked for a while, so go check it out (or you could, you know, go to the Diamond Shop and click the preview button)

 Page 2

 As I said before, Pet Lion Pets are real too! They got a name change and are now Pet Lion instead of Pet Lion Cub
There's also a new video for polar bears which are "coming soon"

Page 3

Alright, let me just say this. THIS ADVENTURE IS AMAZING
There's a new adventure, and it's a giant corn maze. I only got to play about 15 seconds of this masterpiece of an adventure, but those 15 seconds were well spent. I'm probably making it sound way greater than it actually is, but go try it! I probably like it so much because I love mazes
What's different about this adventure is that more than 4 people can play at a time! I don't know what the prizes you can get from it or anything (because I only played for 15 seconds) but I'm sure they are lovely

Page 4

Remember that poll they had not too long ago? The one for the next den item set? They are releasing one of the "loser" sets, the Hair Salon set! There's tons of new Hair Salon items already (in Jam Mart Clothing)

 There's also another new Diamond Shop item, the The Elephant Claw

 And yes, I did say "the" two times in a row on purpose

I might have missed something, but please forgive me because I almost pulled my hair out trying to get my internet to work just so I could post this

I'm going to rate this update a 8.934501 out of 10 which is pretty good for my standards


  1. I got the Sky Kingdom den too! It's so huge o.o It's going to take me forever to edit it lol

    1. While I do like how the den is huge, I don't like it either. It's going to be pretty hard to decorate it lol

  2. you can get a chest for nms and a member only chest holds anything I got a wheel barrel full of hay

  3. Replies
    1. I love the update! Should I save my diamonds for the polar bear? Or should I get the sky den... What to choose...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It's not like you can get on AJ now anyway because it won't get out of maintenance mode

  5. whats your username ?!

  6. What your username?

  7. I will save May's tongue with explaining (lol jk jk jk jkkkkk but anyway I'm still gonna say it)
    May's username is Meloetta385 (sorry that im calling u may I have seen other ppl on this blog call u that)


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