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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More items that used to be rare

EDIT: Looks like people at AJ Spirit used my image again without permission! It's the picture of the stone wall on the trade list if you are wondering

WARNING: Expect a whole lot of text in this post

I didn't think anyone found these types of posts interesting, but this topic has 24 votes so far on my poll for some reason, so I'm going to make a new one (even though Item History has more votes)

The whole "items that used to be rare" thing is when I talk about items that used to be rare back in 2011 (and maybe 2012)

The point of this is to teach newer players about AJ's history yeah let's just say that

I'm also going to be throwing in some of my personal stories about these items

If I ever decide to make another one of these, it's going to be about previously rare den items, but this one is going to focus on clothing

Pilgrim Hats

I typically show the old item icons for these posts, but I couldn't find a picture of the pink pilgrim hat. If I spent 3 hours digging through my images I could probably find a picture of it in my inventory but you will have to settle for the new style pink pilgrim hat :(

Pilgrim Hats used to be one of those items that every good item collector had. They weren't super common, especially not the pink or minty fresh ones. A good portion of pilgrim hats that existed in the game were the default brown ones or black ones, making them the most common. I'd say they were about the same rarity but as talking about rarity always goes, there's always going to be someone saying "lol u kno nothing the brown was wayyy more common" and and another person saying the opposite... Anyway, the minty fresh ones were super rare as there weren't too many of them in the game. There were still way more of minty ones than there were pink ones. Pink pilgrim hats were one of the rarest items in the game! There were only maybe 3 known ones

I don't think anyone even remembers but back then I used to be a huge item collector. It was sweetness77 that got me into trading I believe. I really wanted a pilgrim hat since they were one of my favorite items, and one day, PartyShark sent me a black one randomly! I was so thankful (get it? because Thanksgiving? nevermind) Then I eventually somehow managed to get one of each color of pilgrim hat, including the pink one! They returned in 2012 making my collection useless to most people, but they still were precious to me because I knew they were original 2010 ones which also means nothing to anyone else lol
And then I got hacked and lost all of my 2010 pilgrim hats so yeah


I don't have old icons for these either because I never bothered taking them. Leis were also one of those items that a lot of good item collectors had. They were a little rarer than ties I think (I talked about ties in the first one of these posts which I will link at the bottom)
And now Leis are one of those "nonmember potato chip" items that no one dares to buy

Cool Hair

Also don't have old icons for Cool Hair. I really should have chosen more items that I do have old icons for so I don't seem lazy... Oh well
Cool Hair was a pretty cool item back in the day. No one ever wore it (I still never see anyone wear it) probably because human wigs on animals are slightly creepy. This is another item like Horn Helmets that have always been pretty forgotten items

Pirate Sword

Finally, an item that I do have an old style picture of! Ah, the good old Pirate Swords... They are still sort of rare now, but will never be nearly as rare as they used to be. These swords are another case of "unreleased items that appeared out of no where" like Stone Swords and Stone Walls. There were only 2 in the game, and both were purple. The two owners were CeleneForest and keykayblack (unless those were the same people... There was also KiddingMorafine which was an alt of one of those two)
I do have a personal story for this item... I met up with one of the sword owners (I THINK it was KiddingMorafine but I'm not sure) who eventually scammed me out of some good items because I was too trusting and then deleted me. No one likes being scammed so you can image I was pretty upset. Then I met up with the other owner (a new girl who traded for CeleneForest's sword I think) and told my story and all that. I eventually traded my two pairs of freedom wings for the pirate sword. However, I only told one or two people that I actually owned one of the two swords in the game. The reason being this was around the time when pizzadrop accused me of hacking or something like that, so i didn't want to seems like I really did hack. If I wore the sword, he probably would have convinced everyone that I hacked AJ or something. I only told spyro1707 that I owned the sword (at least that I remember)
And then they came out officially in Sky High not too long after that (but freedom wings came out too so yay)
Whoever hacked me took my sword too

That's enough for now (that took me a while to type out...)
Hopefully my stories didn't bore you to death, but they probably did. Sorry people :(

I guess I'll link to the three other entries now

I should also say that I don't care much for rare items anymore. I was probably one of those annoying "omg i must get evry rur item in teh game!!1!" people back then, which I regret lol


  1. Hah somehow I knew my image would have gotten stolen again ^_^

    1. I know, it's really annoying >.<
      I guess they can't check every image that gets sent in, but they could at least check the ones they post O.o

    2. I just want to say IT WAS NOT ME THIS TIME! it was some guy called anon or somethin

    3. That stone wall looks like it was hacked from minecraft!

    4. They did not steal your image! UntilTheEndOfTime personally commented on AJ Spirit saying that he had given PERMISSION to the anonymous person a while back!

    5. I guess I really will have to start putting watermarks on my images... At least the ones that I think people would try to steal

    6. Anon- They actually did steal it. I looked at the file names and they were identical, and so were the borders on the image. The chances that someone took a picture that has EXACTLY the same cuts missing from the border is really really small

    7. Hi.

      Hmm, this does sound strange. I'm an author on Animal Jam Spirit and I'll have to inform Snowyclaw about this. Sorry about this.

    8. It's happened quite a few times now since I came back

    9. You should put the invisible-ish watermark thingys they have~!
      Teh plagerism must be stahped.


    I don't like how that happens. If I had more power on the blog, I would definitely be fixing the plagiarism.

  3. Wait, but on the Animal Jam Spirit's post, the stone wall picture was from Untiltheend of time's den. They even gave a link to the video..? I don't think they took anything from the AJF. I don't know, I just don't want a blog waaar. XDD

    1. They could have removed it. When I checked, it was my exact image


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