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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Randomizing Animals

This is a tutorial thing on how to make completely random outfits for your animals. I don't know why anyone would want to do this because 99% of the time you are going to get something that's either terrifying and will haunt you for the rest of you life, or something that is just plain UGLY. And then there's that 1% chance of getting something cool that has yet to happen for me. It's probably more like a 0% chance

Enough rambling, let's get to this so called "tutorial"

Step 1
Count up all of your items that you have in each category (Head, Neck, Back, Legs, Tail) and get a separate number for each (for example, 72 head items, 12 neck items, 22 leg items, 19 back items, 3 tail items)If you are not a member, only count the items that you can wear

Step 2
Pick an animal that you want to randomize. You can use a randomizer to pick an animal for you, but I'm going to be using this koala

Step 3
(you can use a different randomizer if you want but for this post I'll be using that site)
Put the number of your head items on the randomizer

For the top number (min) put a 0
For the bottom number (max) put the number of head items you have (in this case, 88) and click Generate
(if you get a 0, wear nothing)

Step 4
Make sure your inventory is sorted so that Head items appear first. Count them up to the number that you got when you clicked Generate. In my case it was 3, so I put on the third item in my inventory

Repeat Steps 3 and 4, but replace the number of head items with the number of either of the remaining categories (tail, legs, back, neck)

Now you should have 5 random clothing items! (unless you got a 0 lol)

Now it's time to randomize the colors, pattern, and eyes of your animal

Do step 3 again, but this time put this into the randomizer:

1 Min 50 Max (color 1)
1 Min 50 Max (color 2)
 1 Min Max 8 (eyes, 10 for ocean animals)
1 Min 50 Max (eye color)
1 Min Max 12 (pattern, thought most animals have their own amount of patterns. for koalas, it's 12)
1 Min 50 Max (pattern color)
And once you are all done, you get some monstrosity that looks something like this
This one falls under the "UGLY" catagory

If you want to see one of the "terrifying and will haunt you for the rest of you life" style randomizations, look no further

Seriously, look at that thing...

And this ends another "I'm terrible at explaining things" posts


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