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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rare Items of the Past - Hacked Edition

If you are wondering what the whole "Rare Items of the Past" thing is about, it's just the "Items that used to be rare" style post, but I thought of a new name that may or may not be better. I know I said the next items that used to be rare post was going to be about den items, but since this has a new name now, I can hopefully get away with not making the next one about den items

This one comes with a short little story. So, a long time ago, most clothing items only came in 4 colors each. A few had 5 different color variants (such as Ties and Fox Hats) and some only had one (such as items from the Freedom and Scary collections)
However, the game had data for new unreleased colors for items that only have 4 or 5 colors to choose from. But somehow (and I'm still not even sure how) some of these unreleased colors were actually owned by some Jammers. The weird thing is, only one of each were known to exist. This post is going to list all (or most) of the unreleased colors that were owned by Jammers

Keep in mind that none of these items are even remotely as rare as they used to be. These items were only extremely rare in 2011 and 2012

Purple Reindeer Mask

My friend Sheesh4 actually owned these. I don't know who owned them before she did though. I should also mention that the majority of the owners of these items had similar stories on how they got them. Most of the owners claimed that they randomly got a trade from someone for something not very rare that was on their trade list. Come to think of it, that was UntilTheEndOfTime's story about the Stone Wall too! These eventually came out later that year (picture credit to sweetness77 assuming he didn't get the picture from me)

White/raspberry Wreath Necklace

I vaguely remember this being one of my dream items. It was really cool at the time because it was nothing like all of the other colors we had at the time. I believe cowsandlightbulbs was the owner of this
(Again, picture from sweetness77 unless he got it from me I can't remember)

Light blue & purple Clover Blanket

I'm not 100% sure if there actually was a purple one in existence at the same time as all of the other unreleased colors were, but I am 97% sure there was

I think some nonmember girl had the purple one, and DesolationRobot had the blue one
(same credit for that picture too)

Silver & light pink Headdresses

I don't have pictures of the silver ones, but they are probably on this blog somewhere
The silver ones I am talking about were the blue/silver one and the green/silver one
I also remember that I really wanted either of the silver ones. I'm not sure, but I think one of the silver headdresses were one of the first unreleased colors discovered. I even emailed AJHQ back then and asked what it was called (because we weren't sure if it was a normal headdress or another variant of headdress, kind of like how Top Hats and Founders' Hats are the same item shape with different names and colors) and they just said it was a normal headdress but pretended like there was nothing special about it EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ONE OF A KIND lol
(same credit for the picture)
Orange Heart Locket

Ah, the classic orange locket. This was also one of the most well known unreleased color, maybe even more well known than the silver headdresses were. And yes, most of the item collectors in the game went crazy over those headdresses! This was owned by stalion1. I also emailed AJHQ about it, and they flat out lied to me and said it was available in beta, probably to cover up that someone obviously hacked AJ for it
(same credit)

Raspberry Bow And Arrows

Bows And Arrows were never in stores ever (unless they were in 2013, I wasn't there so I wouldn't know) but instead were released as a Jamaaliday gift. However, only 7 colors were released. But then the 8th color was seen in the new game, Best Dressed. But someone actually owned one somehow. And yeah

Green & teal Elf Bracelets

I think the green Elf Bracelets were actually discovered way before the silver headdresses were. Bellsong was the owner of the green ones, but I think her story was different. From what I can remember, she claims she was looking through her old Jam a Grams and found one from AJHQ with a gift attached. You can probably guess what that gift was. What bothers me about that claim is that there was no mention of any message that was on the Jam a Gram. Hm...

I'm not sure who owned the teal ones. Sizzlerat had teal ones too, but someone else had them

Blue Leprechaun Hat

DesolationRobot had the pink headdress, the blue clover blanket, but he also had the blue leprechaun hat which you can sort of see on his seal
Picture is also from sweetness77

Others (that I have no pictures of) include an orange Frankenstein Mask that was owned by jumpinjack06, a purple Heart Balloon owned by my friend Octopus737, Worn Blankets that were light purple, light blue, red, and brown, and I THINK that's it

I miss those times, man... :(


  1. I've got raspberry bow and orange heart locket. No wonder everyone wants them!

    1. but they arent rare now lol

    2. Orange heart pockets are from adventures

    3. And so are all of these now (some people say headdresses aren't but I'm still not convinced)

  2. Oh, the good old days *sigh*
    I remember seeing stallion1 with the orange heart locket, when they were rare. I hated them (the locket, that is, lol) but everyone in Jamaa Township was scrabbling all over the person X3

    1. Did you see how everyone reacted when the elf bracelet owners walked into a room?

  3. There were only four clover blankets at the time. Green, Yellow, Pink and Dark Blue! :D Hope this helps ~ :)

    1. There was in fact a light blue one, but only one

    2. Yeah I remember that! :D I meant about the purple one... heh But I read the thing one... Heh.. :P

    3. Also do you have a Wattpad? :3

    4. What's a Wattpad? Is that the new facebook or something? And don't worry, I'm the stupid one for not keeping up to date with all this new stuff. And I'm dying to show you my minecraft worlds : D

    5. Ok if your on now we can play! :D

    6. Oh Wattpad is a website where you can read/share stories with other people! :D I am writing a Pokémon one! :)

    7. I'm only awake from 2PM to 5AM (even though I'm posting this at 1:40pm lol)

    8. How old are you if you go to bed so late..? 18? Though if your younger, are your parents ok with you going to bed so late and getting up late?

    9. 5AM isn't late, if anything it's early

    10. ... I meant early...
      And you didn't answer my question...

    11. I don't really want to answer for some reason but I'll give you the same answer I gave someone else, which is 16 or something. Most of my family is up at the same time as I am

    12. i have the light blue!!!!
      if you want it, jag me Do you want to trade?
      i will be on around 4:00-6:00 pacific time
      i am wreath6030

  4. Ahhh I remember those....I miss those days

  5. This is the blog that keeps up with how the past AJ used to be, and I like that. The Spirit now just keeps up with lore in the present and the present items.

    1. Well I'm one of those annoying people that never lets go of the past

    2. Your not annoying, i can never forget the day my spikeD collar was scammed, and my gloden phantom and mech helmet, and something else i forgot what it was, anyways, i am NOT letting go of the past and to this day i wash to hack Coolpaction (the person who scammed me) take her items and COMPLETELY DESTROY HER!!!!!!! But i wont do that to her im nice :)

  6. I used to have a pink headdress like that... I miss it. :( Actually, I miss the old Animal Jam. I joined right after the "Beta Days" ended. It seemed so different back then. Maybe it wasn't, maybe my little mind couldn't configure the talking animals in the game. Either way, it was really fun.

    p.s.: Do you mind if I use that idea of yours? The one where you put the new item on the side of the blog? If I could, that would be great. If not, I understand. :)

  7. You were right on all of them except number 1 and 2

  8. i have the wreath...
    if anyone wants to trade me a spike im wreath6030


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