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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Maze (and other things)

If you missed the last post, scroll down. If you are too lazy to do that, >>click here<<
That post is the basic "omg look at all the new stuff post" and this one is "omg all the stuff I forgot to add"

Before I get to the millions of images I took of the maze, there is a new old Jam a Gram and new stamps

Another thing I didn't say in the last post is that all Halloween items are going to be gone in 5 days! They gave us a little extra time to buy all of the lovely items, which is always nice

So, here we go... Into the world I call "I can't decide which of these to leave out of the post so I'm just going to shove them all in this post :)"

The map in this adventure is just a bunch of ? which is to throw you off or something. The map can be useful at times because it shows the areas that you haven't been to yet

There's also colors keys and chests

 If you couldn't guess, the blue key can open the blue chest. There are also red, green, and yellow keys/chests

All of the (2) chests that I was able to open gave me 750 gems if that means anything

If you get to the middle, there is a chest you can open (you don't need a key for this one)

Open the chest and you get this window:

There is a chest for all players, and a chest for members only. I'm not sure if the member chests have different items than the nonmember chest
There is also an exit portal in the middle

 Those were the pictures that were actually worth taking, and these are the pictures that I took out for no real reason

There are several arrow signs with messages (the messages appear if you click the ! bubble)

I thought the CAPS would be a hint or something, but I was very wrong. I forgot AJ tends to put random WORDS in all caps

Here's me being "helpful"

 A backwards sign that says "Are you sure you're not going BACKWARDS?"

  And this sign didn't have ! bubble, and instead the message was already shown when I went up to it, probably to make me think that I've already been here and clicked it

I found that slightly clever

Here's the introduction thing that I really should have posted first

I'm not sure what this means but here you go

There are no phantoms in the adventure so I'm not sure why this sign has a phantom. Probably because they just reused the signs from Halloween

Another thing I should have put at the top but didn't, you can get to the adventure from the base camp or at most (if not all) of the places that Bitter Sweets was

This penguin looks suspiciously like a certain platypus
 Looks like you can't cheat the system and use an eagle :(

 A lot of players can be in the same adventure at once!

If you have a buddy in the adventure, you can actually join them by trying to teleport to them! In all other adventures, if you try to do that, it just says "You can't join this adventure"

I think that's all of them

I'll be adding the new items to the Item Archive page eventually if anyone cares but all of them are in the previous post anyway


  1. Hmm... I wonder what the prizes are... Btw, have you seen that AJHQ made the String Of Leaves member?!?! How could AJ be so cruel! That's really sad for the nonmembers though :(

    1. You're right! I wonder if a non member had them in their den before they became members only, do they get to keep them in their den?

    2. AJHQ makes almost everything member because they want jammers to be super sad and beg their parents for membership! AJHQ can make a lot of life into drama. And I think they don't even watch jammers, or moderate them, because I was scammed once and they didn't give my items back. So I don't think they will even make cool things into non member all so. Sorry.

    3. Yes you can, i have a non member graham nesting doll, im mv9

  2. I am sorry this doesn't have much to do with this post, but. Will you please just study that lion cub on the New Items Archive? It looks a little familiar, like Justin Beaver. :o Just beaver is actually a lion cub.


  3. Lol today I was screaming and someone said what are you doing I replied don't bother me! I'm "concentrating"

  4. The stamps are STILLLLLLLLL here -.-


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