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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Update - Orange Gloves?

Yay! Update time! New newspaper! Read it
 (lol what even was that intro)

Page 1

Finally, the unreleased Polar Bears are no longer unreleased! They are in of course the Diamond Shop for an overpriced price of 10 diamonds

Ajinsider once again proves to be a reliable source as his polar bear image was not a fake!
They can go on land and in oceans (in case you didn't read the front page and ignored the little ocean icon)

Page 2

Remember how I used to say that orange nm gloves are real? Well, there's my proof!
The new orange and minty green gloves' color schemes seem to  match Elf Tail Armor

These new gloves are in Jam Mart Clothing

Thank goodness they aren't too overpriced like the old ones were

Maybe this was just what we needed to get gloves popular again! Nah, if it ain't rare, no one's gonna wear

Page 3

New exhibits in the Chamber of Knowledge and the Museum!

Page 4 (which has literally nothing to do with this update)

 I guess they are just preparing for December! We are apparently getting items this year that have "NEVER been released" which is always cool

Page 5

We can't have a Jamaa Journal without an advertisement at the end, now can we?
If you get membership via a code card you get a "free" pet polar bear. I'm not sure if there are exclusive polar bear ones or if you get a mini bear from any card though. I haven't seen anyone with a mini polar bear yet (since the update JUST came out) but I'll have pictures of them hopefully soon

That's it for the Jamaa Journal, now let's get to the new items!

Rare Knitted Sweater is back in Jam Mart Clothing which is a glitch, and it will probably be removed soon

You can also get the Twists And Turns music at the Diamond Shop

I'm STILL waiting for The Hive's music :(

Another glitch is that if you wear those newish leafy antlers on a polar bear, they show up really dark

Every color that's default on polar bears are colors that you cannot get back if you take them off

There's a new member badge for the new polar bears

There's also yet another glitch that I encountered when buying a polar bear
I started with 12 diamonds, bought a polar bear, and still had 12 diamonds!

Too bad it was only a visual glitch though. I tried to buy another animal, and it yelled at me and shoved an ad in my face for not having enough diamonds

I almost forgot, there's a new Fruit Basket in Jam Mart Furniture

And a new "visit your den" button on the map for some odd reason

I'm not really sure why they included that because the den button is right next to the map anyway, so why would anyone click the map just to go to your den?

That pretty much covers everything. I'll have some gifs up soon for all of the polar bear's actions and for the colors of the new items

I'm going to rate this update a... 12 out of 17


  1. YES! AJ HQ finally listened to me! Orange gloves... <3

  2. Animal Jam removed the den icon on the map! I saw that as well while updating with my post. Make sure to put a watermark on it! For the *cough cough* steal-ers *cough cough*

    1. Oh I figured it out. When you are at your den, it's not there. Woww... i iz suh smart

  3. well i think there's this glitch the den button DOES nothing (not the adventure training 1), so that's probably why? XD i dunno! i think so cause most of my BFF is like, '' OMG WHEN IS THAT GLITCH GONNA FIX?!!'' i think Animal Jam HQ can't fix it and went like '' what are we going to do?!'' and stuff, still it's a good idea, now i just gotta beg them for Restart where you want in a adventure button! Hey, i mean, it might be Glitching a lot and you want to fix it, right? right? WRONG! knowing animal jam HQ, nothing we players want will happen(except shark hats :goes to dreamy mode: shark haaaaaats..... :slaps: wait wait wait!!!) ! i think animal jam HQ just put those '' what new game/____ (in this case, game)do you want?'' question marks for fun, i have proof!
    the proof is, swoopy eagle! the game, flappy BIRD is exactly the same! i think animal jam HQ loved NOT seeing jammers idea! XD i think they just want to make a FOOL out of us, so hear my warning, DO NOT send ANYTHING to Animal jam HQ through those ?'s cause they're a WASTE of time, Ok Enough DAILY EXPLORER writing :P

    I sure do hope Animal Jam HQ do fix the 'adventure/den no enter'glitch.... they might be able... to do it....? i dunno.....? maybe? not very possible? Never possible? never? impossible? Umm,,,,,,

    i can wish, can't i?



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