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Friday, November 7, 2014

Twists And Turns Prizes

The new adventure, Twists And Turns, has a bunch of new items as prizes, much like how Bitter Sweets had new prizes too. These are the items I was able to get/take a picture of! Mouse over each one to see its item name

It looks like the items in the members chest are members only items, so if a nonmember wants to complete the set they will have to trade for the member ones : (
There are other items, such as a leafy archway, I'll update this post when I get pictures of other items

In other news, an anonymous commenter pointed out that the new item from a few days ago, String Of Leaves, is now a members only item
This is the picture on the Item Archive page (I took this when the item was first released)

And now they have the members banner and lock!

The question is... why? And here's a question for non members: If you had one of these in your den, was it removed from your den now that it is members only?


  1. Look at this post:

    1. Whoa.... You suggested my blog for this!? Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!! (I don't know why I suddenly became extremely happy after reading this comment by Anon ^^.) But anyways... :D

      And yeah. Like Dew said, that happens.

      I just discovered this blog the other day. I'm going to check back often now! c:

    2. Thanks for posting that, I was wondering what would happen if a nonmember had a member item in their den

      You seem pretty cool

  2. When you're a non member and you put an item in your den, but then it becomes member, it just gets locked in your den, you can't take it out. the only way to get rid of it is either trade it, or get a membership.


  3. I got a wacky which way sign in the nonmember chest... but it turned into a labyrinth treasure chest inside my inventory!


    1. Something like that happened to me too, since I found a labyrinth chest in my inventory that I never won

  4. Great I was just about to buy it... like one hour after they made it member!

  5. I had that string of leaves in my den. It is still in my den and i still use it :3

  6. wow a string of leaves that could be an interesting simple item of nm that becomes member,great job aj! not only have you given members alot of better seasonal items, but you even took one away from non members, what a nice game


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