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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weird AJ Pictures Part 8

This isn't actually part 8 but that's what I'm calling it

But before I get to the images, I have some more news related to the person who has been leaking those images of unreleased items and stuff. I'm not sure if AJHQ deleted it or he did, but the ajinsider account has been removed, meaning this is probably the end of the leaks
It's possible he made a new account, but I don't know what it is

Too bad, but at least we got a fair share of cool info from him!

Now for some more weird and slightly interesting images that I took back in the day (aka like 2 years ago)

This picture was taken around when the new settings menu was added (I think)
It says I have 999 days remaining of membership, but the bubble that it's written on is coming out of the border so it looks like a badly edited image. I don't remember taking this picture, but when I found it in my images folder, the original picture showed my account as the player
(and if you are asking, it was just a visual glitch and I didn't really have 999 days left of membership)

On my unreleased features page (which needs some editing) I posted this picture and talked about how emotes were planned to be able to appear as pictures in the chat

It turns out I actually had taken more pictures of this unused feature!

Here is the rainy emote at the end of a message that I have no memory of ever typing

I guess I thought that looked like an acorn...?

And here is me using the triple star emote, and one of my old friends tensa with a blank message in a chat box that is smaller than usual

My message had so many emotes in it that the stars are overlapping an error message! And I'm pretty sure that small chat box thing was because tensa used the game emote, and for whatever reason it showed up like that

And finally, and old Jam a Gram with a preset message that you could actually use at one point

I'm assuming that message was from Halloween, but it's still pretty weird

Speaking of Halloween, I'm still going to post about Halloween stuff probably, so if you hate Halloween, uhh, I don't know, pretend like my posts are about pies or something. And if you hate pies, too bad


  1. Is this him..? Look here:

  2. cool btw xxsmile used your pics


    1. I know, I wish she at least asked me first...

    2. Gosh it was an accident i wish everyone would just stop being angry with me. the ONE time i dont give credit... :(

  3. How did you type emojis in your chat?


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