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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's talk about Spiked Collars (again)

I think just about everyone here knows how I feel about Spiked Collars. If you do, you can probably tell this is going to be another rant post. If you hate this kind of thing, kindly ignore this post

I better get my comment shield, I am anticipating all of the comments defending spiked collars lol

I don't really know where to begin here... I guess I'll just start of with how 99.99993789% of players think the black Spiked Collars with long spikes on them are the rarest
(That is their old item icon)

I honestly don't get how these are the "rarest"
Every time I go to the township, almost all of the spiked collars people have are these same black ones. And just about everyone else has at least 3 of these items on their trade lists. One of my old friends said this, which I called the best quote of 2014

"Guessing 'rare' actually means most common now"

That quote basically sums up AJ trading in 7 words lol
From what I've seen, pink spiked collars are the rarest ones. And I'm talking about the "short" ones here. I never see anyone with the light pink collars. All I usually see is a room full of black collars. I guess since there are waaaaaay more black ones, they must be rarer! That's how AJ works nowadays lol
I bet there are more black spiked collars than there are 45 gem necklaces and that's saying something

Some people also call these things "beta" which makes absolutely no sense. Beta is a testing stage and does NOT mean items that are not in stores. My friend had a fight with someone the other day about that. Someone was trying to convince my friend that beta means items not for sale. I don't know what happened to this game : (

Oh well, but at least trends die out eventually. Just wait until they bring spiked collars back, half the game will quit because "no muh collars arent rur enymor i kwit!!!!!IUHWsrgicxof"

Last post of 2014 goodbye guys

December Gifts - Day 31

Today is the last of the free December flavoured gifts... That's too bad but I have better things to complain about (like how it isn't Halloween anymore)
At least the gift today is the one I've been waiting for

I'm just going to call this the best (and last) item of 2014

The Jamaa Journal said something like "2015 will be the BEST year in AJ!!!!!!!!!!!" which better be true but AJ does like to throw lies at us so...

I'm going to finish of the item series I've been doing with these items

The dark red & dark green bows and the raspberry reindeer mask are unreleased and as far as I know aren't actually in the game's data

I've posted that picture before (pls dont yell at me people) but now I have a different picture of the red bow!

I don't remember where I got this image but I think it was on AJ's really old blog that I don't have the link to

If I manage to dig up more of these item things I'll post them but right now I have no more : (

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Gifts - Day 30

Gift time! What will it be? You can probably guess because the picture of it is right under these words that you probably aren't even reading lol

It's cute and also another rerelease but it's also cute


I keep getting a lot of Jam a Grams asking me about the animal coins and unreleased plaque items that I apparently have. It's not even limited to Jam a Grams either! Yesterday when I attended Toilet Party 2014 someone there knew me (somehow) and asked me to show them all of my plaques. There's just one problem... The only plaque I have is the Online Safety Plaque and the only coin I ever owned was a Horse Coin! I don't know who keeps telling people that I have this stuff, but I swear the only unreleased item I ever owned was a Pirate Sword and those aren't even relevant anymore!
With that out of the way, I have a little more info on the Toilet item

The only info I really got was that it's a nonmember item and that its real name is just Toilet but I think everybody already knew that

And finally, I have a few more item pictures that I've been posting about lately, this time they are all RC Cars

These were also sent in by LargeRabbit

I hope one day we get to see red, yellow, and green RC Cars ingame but then people would complain and say "WHY DID THEY BRING THE BETAS BACK I QUIT!!!!!!!!!WEJI3WRHIW`!!!" but at least this would be one of the rare cases where people overreact about an actual beta item

Monday, December 29, 2014

Toilet Party 2014

I got a comment telling me that Nemachu has one of those unreleased toilet den items in their den. You know, the one ajinsider showed? A lot of things he posted turned out to be real (spooky top hats, black lassos, pet lions, some other thing that I'm forgetting) and I guess toilets are no different. A lot of people probably have no idea what I am talking about so if you don't go >>here<<

I went to Nemachu's den to see if the comment I got was actually real and not just someone trying to get a quick laugh, and the comment was actually telling the truth!

It took forever to get a clear picture because there were so many people in this den standing in front of it

No idea how they even got this, they must of traded with a hacker or something. There was also a mini party that I wasn't actually a part of but I took a picture of it as if I was actually part of it

The person saying "oh lol" is the one who told me about this. I don't know if they want their user shown so I'll leave that up to them (so if you want people to know just say it in a comment with your user I guess lol)

I don't really know what else to say so I'm going to just end the post bye

New Years Part 2015

I'm going to make this post short and sweet because I waited about 6 hours total for this party to finally open so work with me here

There are three shops at this party, all with really random items

The first shop is the clothing item shop

Here is what is for sale:

Page 2:

I'll show a gif of the new item, New Year's Celebration hat since all of the other ones are just rereleases (the other gifs will be on the item archive page eventually)

The second shop is a music shop

They sell these musics

And the third shop is the den item shop

They are selling...

 I'd stock up on 2015 banners because they will never ever come back to stores (unless AJ decides to have a 2015 party in 2026 or whatever)

The end

December Gifts - Day 29 + More of those item things

Only two more of these to go... Too bad, I was enjoying these free items every day (I think I already said that in the last post but oh well)

I was pretty sure this was already given out as a gift this year, but AJ wouldn't give us the same gift again in the same year. Instead they'd give us glitchy items lol

At least one person liked the thing I posted yesterday and that's good enough for me, so here are more of those things

These were all sent in by LargeRabbit
Zios Sculptures:

 These were all from an old National Geographic magazine right after beta (correct me if I'm wrong Largey)

The Zios Sculptures may not look like the actual den item we have in AJ today, but take a look at the "default" one. In beta, Zios Sculptures weren't on an angle like they are now, they were actaully facing the screen
(credit to SagwaSunshine for picture)

That being said, it would have been possible that those other variants were going to just be other colours for this item

I do have a few more of these pictures but I still have to find them (and I bet I'll find them conveniently right before my next post)

The rare item today is very lame in that it has already been in Jamaaliday Rescue since the adventure got released. Looks like it isn't an exclusive prize anymore

It's in Jam Mart Clothing and way overpriced as usual

ALSO the New Years Party is finally out

The only problem is it's very uncommon on the party list. It's actually been out all yesterday but I wasn't on much so I couldn't attend

There are some new items there, so I will wait 4 hours and 4 minutes just so I can show my 7 viewers what items are there because I'm just nice like that (sometimes)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Gifts - Day 28

This one isn't as scary as that last one was which is a very good thing

Since there is nothing else to fill up this post with, I'll talk about a couple of items that have had artwork made for them in colours that don't even exist in the game

The first one is a Spiked Wristband

The raspberry dark brown maroon whatever Spiked Wristband is the more well known one of the two I am going to show. It was seen the Jam a Gram AJHQ sent out to every player to advertise membership back in 2011. It was also to advertise the monthly member gift, which in the month it was sent out was spiked stuff (guys these things ARE NOT BETA ITEMS)

Oh hey look I found the jam a gram

The other one is a yellow version of Lionfish Armor

That was seen on the Daily Explorer (when it was really the biweekly explorer lol)
I'm sure there are loads of other ones, these are just the two that I could on my SD card

If people want to see more item colours that were in official artwork but don't actually exist I'll post more

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Gifts - Day 27 Classic Glitchy AJ

They sorted out the "let's accidentally get rid of the daily gifts" problem which is nice and all, but that doesn't mean AJ is done being glitchy
The new item is yet another victim of glitching and it also gets the award for scariest item of all time

What even IS that? A yeti? I went to go put it in my den to burn it in the fireplace that I don't have, the scary demon face on it disappeared!

That was close! Good thing AJHQ is horrible at dealing with glitches, because now we don't have to look at that... thing! Its item icon is also blank

And now I will have to prepare for the "that is so cute how dare you call it a scary demon" comments :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

December Gi- Wait what

You remember Daily December Gifts right? You probably should since they gave them out every day this month. They also said we'd get a free gift every day this month... So I log in and get this

That ain't no daily gift, dear AJHQ
Before you tell me "well maybe they only had plans to do daily gifts until the 25th" take a look at what the Jamaa Journal says

Last I checked, every day of December actually included every day of December
They ALSO did their SIGNATURE put RANDOM words in CAPS thing with EVERY DAY

Oh yeah, the daily gifts page thing also showed gifts up to 31

(gift 8 was also NOT a super sparkly item like the box suggested)
What's the deal, AJ? I know you have been glitchly lately, but now you are just lying to us not that you never lied to us before lol

And then later today they will probably bring the gifts back and I will get yelled at by people for posting false information but oh well... Actually they probably won't even bring the gifts back lol

 Oh wait, for some reason the gift is already in our den inventories!

It's called "Ice Cave"
I'm not sure what happens if your den inventory was already full... It would probably just break your AJ account or something no big deal

(Thanks Anonymous and Mod Gulo)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

December Gifts - Day 25

We are nearing the end of the daily gifts and soon we will get the Daily Spin back. It's a bit of a shame and a relief for me. Free items every day are awesome, but so is getting free gems every day
The 25 gift is...

They do come in 7 colours like the top hats!
They look majestic as unicorns though

The new item today is one that ajinsider leaked, the Jamaaliday Sled Runway! Ooh wait, they changed its name to Sleigh Runway for some reason

It's also an animated item which is awesome. Plus it's one that we knew about before but hasn't been released officially, so that's also pretty cool

Good luck fitting it in your den though, it's very large