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Thursday, December 18, 2014

AJ Update - December 18

This update didn't take as long as most of the other update, and knowing AJHQ, that probably means this update will be very lacking. Unfortunately, I'm right about that... (there are a LOT of new items though)

The first noticeable thing is the new loading screens

There are more than just this one. I'll show off the other ones in another post, but you'll probably see all of them for yourself anyway

The new daily gift arrives with a glitch

That's the one I got. It's CLEARLY red. But when I tried to put it in my den...

It magically changed to green! There might be more colors of them, so if I find more, I'll edit this post and put them here

And now, the new Jamaa Journal

Pet foxes are back in the overpriced Diamond Shop!

Page 2:

Another case of "let's pretend like something that's already been out for a while is new"! Cool!
There MIGHT be new prizes int eh adventure, but most likely not

Page 3


Page 4:

The New Year's Party is back for 2015! The next party is a few hours away, but I will show the new items at the party when I can get to one of the parties

Page 5:

I have nothing to say about that
i lied i actually do have something to say about that how dare they use the same last page 3 times in a row and lie about never advertising

There's a new 2015 Jam a Gram

 It's even animated!

Now for new items... This update only added 3 new things (new loading screens, "new" party, and a new Jam a Gram) apart from items. I don't usually count items as new things in updates since new ones come out every day, but this one has A LOT OF NEW ITEMS so I'll let it slide

 In Jam Mart Clothing...

That's certainly a funky hat...
 In Epic Wonders...

A cute snowflake chair! Too bad there are like 8 different colors and I like to  buy one of everything because now I have to spend all that money on 8 chairs
 In Treetop Gardens...

 A huge amount of new(?) topiaries (that are ALL members only because ajhq) and a nonmeber carnation flower

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Cute new Jamaaliday decorations!

Not that it has any relevance to anything but I'm going to have a really hard time adding all of these to the item page, plus I need to make gifs for most of them lol

That is all. I'll give this update a 7.8/10 because it has too much water 4.8/10 because I'm feeling extra nice today. Most of that score comes from the huge amount of new items

All of the new items will be added to the item archive page soon, so you can view all of their available colors


  1. My gift did the exact same thing.
    -Mod Gulo

  2. I didn't like how it glitched. I was like "OMG I love how they did it!" Then when i put it in my den i was like awww....:( I wanted red...:(

    1. Me too... I tried getting one on different accounts and all of them were green

  3. Ill trade you a yellow Rhino Helmet for the Red ornament? I journeybooker21, plz come to my den if that's okay.

    1. I hope you read the post. I said in the post that it turned green

  4. hi!
    This blog is sooooo cute!
    I'll try to read it every day-so ya.
    thanks fo the update- I needed it.


  5. Awwwww. I thought this update was going to be better :( I'm not excited for updates anymore. AJHQ is turning lazy and boring



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