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Thursday, December 4, 2014

AJ Update - December 4 2014

This post contains sass

It's that time once again, update time! Unfortunately this update only brings ONE (relevant) new thing aside form new items. The rest of it was released 3 days ago and now they are pretending like it just came out today (classic AJHQ)

Page 1 of the new newspaper

I'll give them +0.2 points for making the first page have animated snow
Page 2

Remember how I said they are pretending like all of the stuff that came out in the past 3 days JUST came out today? Here is a perfect example of that! They even gave the ALREADY RELEASED den its own page, probably to fill up the pages because there was only one (relevant) new thing this update!

Page 3 is the only page that actually has new stuff

There's some Jamaaliday Gift Bag thing in the Diamond Shop that was probably there last year

This is the stuff they sell for the "cheap" price of 1 diamond each

They probably think it's cheap, but members only get 1 diamond a week (assuming they get none of the daily spin) and nonmembers hardly get any, so I really wouldn't call it "cheap"
 (even though members get a ton of free diamonds this month but that's besides the point)

There's also that new game, which is called Pairs, but I call it another unoriginal game made by AJHQ

It's a buddy game, so you actually need friends to play it. You don't actually need friends though, you can just click on random person in the town and hope they respond to your game request

If you haven't guessed already, it's Memory Match. When it's your turn you just click on two cards. If your memory isn't at the same level as goldfish memory (so basically just don't be me) then you can actually play this game
It seems like the (super secret) rules of AJ Marbles apply to this game - if you go first, you're probably going to lose

Page 4, which is more stuff that CAME OUT 3 DAYS AGO

And yes, the Jamaaliday Jam party has been out for a little while, I just never bothered to check. I'll have the items from that party on that page I have that lists all of the items since September or something idk

Page 5, another filler page

And page 6, which seems like it was taken directly out of the last newspaper

Now for "improvements" they made on the member badges

I don't know how many of these changed, but I'm pretty certain that the polar bear one has a darker nose now, making it actually look somewhat like a polar bear

The rest of it is just new items (which is always nice)

The daily gift today was 1 Diamonds (if you are a member)

and the rerererelease of the Candy Cane Lights which I could have sworn used to be called Cane Cane Fence but okay

In Jam Mart Furniture is the return of the Epic Jamaaliday Tree which really should be in Epic Wonders just because of the fact that it has "epic" in the name

 The Diamond Shop also has 3 new items

First up is the Panda Claw

I do actually like these plushie-specific claw machines, but not for that price

 Next we have Jamaaliday Jingle, which is the holiday town theme (but for your den!)

I don't THINK that was released before, so I'll just pretend like it wasn't (that's what AJHQ is doing so why not?)

There's also the Gingerbread House den which, again, was released 3 days ago but now it has the NEW! thing on it which it didn't before

Long Bows finally came out officially, and now come in some fancy new colors!

In Epic Wonders, they FINALLY added this month's birthstone! It only took them like 4 days

 And that's all this update has to offer. Wait no, there's one more thing...

They fixed the glitched Mop And Buckets! But you know what? THEY ROBBED ME OF MY GLITCHED MOPS and replaced only 2 of the with the default one, while the other completely vanished

There's actually another thing which is the return of an old Jam a Gram

I'll rate this update a... 2.2 out of 10
That extra .2 is from the animated front page of the newspaper
wow I really decided to be a sassy diancie when writing this post


  1. I thought the jamaaliday music was out before? Eh, at least I can have some calming holiday-ish music in my den now.
    -Mod Gulo

    1. I wasn't here last year so I wouldn't know

    2. Maybe I'm getting it confused with the winter's dance one?
      -Mod Gulo


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