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Monday, December 1, 2014

December Gift Day 1

It's that time of the year again! Every day in the month of December we get some free gifts! The new calender looks pretty cool (get it? because winter? it's cool and cold? I tried) 

 On some random days, it looks like members will be getting some diamonds too! The diamonds do in fact have member locks if you aren't a member

Not that there are too many things nonmembers can buy with diamonds... There really should be more stuff : (

The first gift is...
 A cute little hedge bush shrub that looks like a present box! 
It's even animated

Isn't that just adorable? For some reason, when I opened the gift, there was no snow on it, but when I placed it, there was snow... Weird

It's also Rare Monday, so guy buy the new item or something. It's in Jam Mart Clothing

It's a Rare Beaded Necklace!

There should have been another new item today, the December birth stone in Epic Wonders, but it seems like they forgot about that :\


  1. I really thought that color of Beaded Necklace was already out.. Guess not then.

    The Jamaaliday Hedge, huh? Seems like an actual new Jamaalidays item. It looks cool!

    Wait.. This year, only members can receive diamonds as Daily Gifts? Why? Last year on occasional days throughout December, everybody (members and nonmembers) received diamonds. Well, that stinks.

    PS: Don't believe anything the Anonymous that tried (and failed lol) to impersonate me said, last post. Whatever he/she said about me isn't true. (A few times on the other blog I mentioned, they said "I love scamming". Haha- NO. I try to read all the posts on all (that I know about, anyways) anti-scamming/ anti-hacking/anti-bullying AJ blogs, so I can be informed of the latest bad people in Jamaa. Does it honestly look like I'm a scammer?). I actually didn't read what he/she said on your previous post. (I don't want to, though..)

    1. They didn't say anything about you, only about me. They kept on repeating the same "r00d words" over and over again making them lose their effect. That's pretty much all they did, don't worry

    2. And about the necklace, I had the same exact thought! It looks similar to one that is already released (I think)

    3. Oh okay. That's a relief. (Well.. Kind of lol.)

      Good. It's not just me who thought that. Okay...

  2. Rare Item Mondays Are becoming boring. Now AJ just re colors the items.

    1. It's been like that for a loooooong time though. Only a few of them have been "unique" like the pumpkin chair and cupcake hat, and only a few have been rereleases like scary cat hats, gloves, fox hats, and medusa masks. Pretty much everything else has been a recolor. Hopefully they will run out of items to recolor lol


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