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Friday, December 19, 2014

December Gifts - Day 19 GLITCH

Another new and funky clothing item for today's gift!

As usual, there are 7 colors

There are 4 NEW items today, and two of them are glitched!

I'll start with the non-glitched one for suspense, even though you can just scroll down to the glitched ones but whatever

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Both items are new, and the window even has animated snow! +.2 points for you, AJHQ

And now for the glitched items. They aren't glitched like the raspberry furry hat, but they are glitched like the mops from not too long ago. Each only has one color available, but the color change button is on both of them! I'm not really sure if that means there are actually 8 different colors of each, but all 8 are the same, or if there is only one. There's no way to tell I guess, but it doesn't really matter

In Jam Mart Clothing...

It don't know how easy it is to tell in the gif, but I am actually clicking the color change button

Same with the new item in Shiveer Shoppe:
It's certainly weird... AJ's been rather glitchy lately... Too bad there aren't any new FUN glitches, unless you count the walk through walls in Jamaaliday Rescue a "new" glitch (and for anyone wondering, I'm not going to explain that glitch because I lack the ability to explain things well)

I'm going to throw in the new loading screens because yes

I'm guessing you've seen all of those already just by playing AJ, but it's good to have them for memory's sake


  1. When I saw this I thought it was a unicorn horn XD

  2. Replies
    1. ? Ok can someone send me some new things? I'm low on gems and to lazy to work for more. I'm gravityfallsroxs

  3. Your not quitting though right?

  4. It's Blingy D00dsDecember 19, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    -4 points for yer AJ for the colour change glitch.

  5. Icicle horn? Why not just call it "strange half-peeled cucumber unicorn horn" and have done with it? Icicles are BLUE / WHITE and SHINY and EPIC.
    Not like that o.o

  6. I'm tempted to send AJHQ an email asking them to change its name to that

  7. Animal Jam My opinion "Animaljam please stop making these things seem so PERFECT when there not,And stop bringing the betas back like whats with the BETAS lately and these glitches i do my research! Always-FoxKat (its not any type of use or youtube account its a nickname :) A weird one! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My opinion "Stop bringing the betas back please I've and WE have been working Alot to get these betas so animal jam please leave it be" sorry if that was really harsh. MERRY CHRISTMAS OR Honica OR any other December HOLIDAY

  9. sup (truer words have never been spoken) ITS SO BUITYFULL!


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