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Monday, December 22, 2014

December Gifts - Day 22

Gift time!

In case you've ever wanted to own the North Pole

I don't know why I'm pointing it out but the base of the pole is a cupcake

One of the new items is something that I've been waiting for, that cute little mailbox that's been seen at the Jamaaliday Party!

Winter Mailbox in Jam Mart Furniture

The other new item is in Jam Mart Clothing and once again is NOT glitched, yay!

great another item that will make holiday quest a lot harder... I'm going to have to but one of each colour lol

I'm going to have a new post about animal names that have been deleted, so if anyone cares about that, you have something to look forward to in a few days (or probably tomorrow)

 EDIT: There are two more new items, both in Jam Mart Furniture

Winter Log Bench

 Jamaaliday Planter

DOUBLE EDIT: The Rare Monday item is in Jam Mart Clothing!


  1. Meloetta, do you celebrate Christmas or no?

  2. Go on AJ. I miss you, -Eevee

  3. There's a Jammer from beta (the username is 2 numbers cant remember lol). And her/his/both animal's name starts with Rosey instead of Rosy. Pretty nice. And how is that a snowflake tiara? Looks more like a sapphire to me. K idkbye

    1. Rosey/Rosy was going to be the main point of my post lol

  4. OMG Meloetta look at this comment on the animal jam whip:

    She says that animal jam is going to be shut down on January the 1st 2015!!! I wonder if that's true!

    1. Grapevine is a friend of mine and I don't see why he's lie, but I'm going to guess he was just misinformed. There's been a lot of rumors about AJ closing in December 2016 or something because "they got sued" which is obviously a lie. It's very very unlikely that it's true


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