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Monday, December 29, 2014

December Gifts - Day 29 + More of those item things

Only two more of these to go... Too bad, I was enjoying these free items every day (I think I already said that in the last post but oh well)

I was pretty sure this was already given out as a gift this year, but AJ wouldn't give us the same gift again in the same year. Instead they'd give us glitchy items lol

At least one person liked the thing I posted yesterday and that's good enough for me, so here are more of those things

These were all sent in by LargeRabbit
Zios Sculptures:

 These were all from an old National Geographic magazine right after beta (correct me if I'm wrong Largey)

The Zios Sculptures may not look like the actual den item we have in AJ today, but take a look at the "default" one. In beta, Zios Sculptures weren't on an angle like they are now, they were actaully facing the screen
(credit to SagwaSunshine for picture)

That being said, it would have been possible that those other variants were going to just be other colours for this item

I do have a few more of these pictures but I still have to find them (and I bet I'll find them conveniently right before my next post)

The rare item today is very lame in that it has already been in Jamaaliday Rescue since the adventure got released. Looks like it isn't an exclusive prize anymore

It's in Jam Mart Clothing and way overpriced as usual

ALSO the New Years Party is finally out

The only problem is it's very uncommon on the party list. It's actually been out all yesterday but I wasn't on much so I couldn't attend

There are some new items there, so I will wait 4 hours and 4 minutes just so I can show my 7 viewers what items are there because I'm just nice like that (sometimes)


  1. I hope you count me as one of those 7 ;) Thanks Mel, I can't get on right now. I've tried refreshing, closing, clicking repeatedly (which probably only makes it worse), but I can't log in. Arrrrrgh!

    I'm really sorry, but can I use your snowman and RIM pics? I promise you I'll give credit and only use those two images. If you want, I can replace them with my own when it logs on.

  2. hope you count me :)

  3. Isn't the rim just the rare earmuffs from the jamaaliday rescue? Jeez AJHQ at least be a bit more creative...
    -Mod Gulo

  4. How do you know you have 7 viewers? And I think you have way more than that.

    1. Haven't you check on your poll? You have like 55 votes! So you have way more viewers than 7 or 9


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