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Monday, December 8, 2014

December Gifts - Day 8

Today is the day where we all get to open that super sparkly day 8 gift!

Surely the sparkles on the gift mean it's going to be something really really cool, right? RIGHT? None of the other gift boxes have this amount of sparkles... And the gift is...

Talk about anticlimactic... If it's just a normal Jamaaliday gift, why is it so sparkly? I guess AJHQ just wanted to mess with us

There's going to be a new weird pictures post later today as well. It's nothing special, but it least it will break up the boringness of daily gift posts


  1. WHAAAAAT!!!!! I was so excited to see what the sparkly thing was! Turns out to be a normal jamaaliday gift. -.-

    1. That was pretty much my reaction too. I really thought the fact that only gift 8 was sparkling meant there was a huge surprise in it. Well, I guess it was a huge surprise to me because I was expecting something else. Well done, AJHQ (not really)

  2. What is todays rare


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