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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Gifts - Day 9

Gift 9 has arrived after one of those long maintenance periods that never change anything!

The return of the Cookie Table! That sounds like a title of a really bad movie - COOKIE TABLE: THE RETURN
You'll also get another diamond if you are a member, so you can buy one of those "cheap" decorations at the totally not overpriced Diamond Shop

Hopefully we will get some new items soon. So far only 3 out of 9 gifts have been new items which is okay since this is AJHQ we're working with here...

Speaking of AJHQ, (and their obvious lies and all that lol) I'm finally going to post about that shaman/alpha related thing that I mentioned like a week ago

This info will probably be stolen or something (I know you want me to shut up about stolen stuff)
And by stolen, I mean that other people will probably take credit for finding this info but oh well

So, while looking through stuff on beta AJ's website, I found a couple of PDF files. I only found 2 interesting things on them, one of them being the thing I posted about not too long ago (where AJHQ said there would be NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON AJ which was a lie)

The other interesting thing was this:

This was referring to when you meet Liza for the tutorial when you make a new account. Apparently we were originally going to be able to meet the other shamans/alphas instead of Liza at the beginning tutorial depending on what animal you started as! And yes, at the top it does in fact say "they may meet" but I'm pretty sure the part above it was talking about starting out (probably)

That was written either during or before beta, I believe. Too bad that never actually happened... There have only ever been reports of people meeting Graham, and non of them were at the starting tutorial


  1. Hey May or do people even call you that anymore
    In that case, hey Meloetta! It's an old friend...

    1. Hello old anonymous friend!

      Everyone calls me something different now. Most of my old friends still call me May, some people call me Mel or Meloetta, and some people call me Kuru

    2. Bwahahaha hello!
      How have you been?

    3. Oh no! What happened?
      It's probably private nevermind I asked XD

      I'm kinda shaken abit but other than that I'm okay!

    4. ooh, well I hope you'll feel better soon! And also everything will be resolved soon :3

    5. What happened..? What are the personal reasons?

    6. That anon above you wasn't me, I don't invade privacy!
      Lets just mark an initial..

    7. heheh yo- B is what my name starts with (wow, no one cares)

      Sorry for replying after 300 centuries but hey May, it's EternalClaw! *cringes*
      I actually saw the post "In memory of my old AJ friends" and I commented but I don't think it sent lol
      Yikes, I'm actually embarrassed looking down the AJ "road" because I was some extremely bratty, grumpy 10 - 12 year old o-o and I'm sorry XD *cringes*
      But anyways, how is everything now?

    8. WHAT THE WHAT last night I tried to send you an email and comment because I missed you wow

      I'm not good but I'm still here somehow

    9. Really? What a coincidence! I missed you so much! I really did!
      (so much exclamation marks)
      We need to catch up big time

      I know I'm basically a stranger XD but I want you to know you aren't alone and I hope you can get through this -hugs-

    10. No, I might've been hacked because I cant log on
      No idea why
      Just recently this month I tried to log on but nothing

    11. Maybe you changed your password and don't remember what you changed it to?

    12. No, dont remember doing that...
      But anyway, what about you- are you officially playing again?

    13. I guess so
      I spend most of my time messing with people

    14. Did you make all of your animals black with evil angry eyes?

    15. oh my god is that what happened to eternalclaw

    16. It's been great talking again, May :)

    17. Yes
      You should come back to AJ for a day so you can see how different everything is now or something

    18. shudders
      It's probably going to be horrible

    19. It is
      Everyone is obsessed with spiked collars now

    20. omg that doesn't sound good

    21. Everyone just says "spike" and it's really annoying
      No one knows what beta means either now, everyone thinks it means items that aren't for sale
      people also think black spiked collars are the rarest collars even though they are the only ones anyone wears so they are probably the most common lol

    22. yes so much accuracy in that entire paragraph
      I remember being scammed of that hat with the curly things and I traded a spike to get it back LOL
      Guessing 'rare' actually means most common now

    23. Quote of the year
      "Guessing 'rare' actually means most common now"

    24. http://web.archive.org/web/20130416040350/http://animaljamjournal.blogspot.com

    25. "We now require parents to verify with us that they give their consent for their children to be using various interactive features within Animal Jam, including our Safe chat features
      This consent can be given during membership purchases with credit cards and by having a member player’s parent call our Animal Jam Support representatives"

      Ughhhhh seriously?????????????????////???/////////???????????????//

    26. Because giving them your credit card number first is safer LOL

  2. I want them to bring back the original models for the alphas and have, like you mentioned, introduce you to the game depending on what animal you picked bc Liza is getting a tad bit annoying when she literally does everything.
    -Mod Gulo


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