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Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Part 2015

I'm going to make this post short and sweet because I waited about 6 hours total for this party to finally open so work with me here

There are three shops at this party, all with really random items

The first shop is the clothing item shop

Here is what is for sale:

Page 2:

I'll show a gif of the new item, New Year's Celebration hat since all of the other ones are just rereleases (the other gifs will be on the item archive page eventually)

The second shop is a music shop

They sell these musics

And the third shop is the den item shop

They are selling...

 I'd stock up on 2015 banners because they will never ever come back to stores (unless AJ decides to have a 2015 party in 2026 or whatever)

The end


  1. Wow I was just skimming through old posts and I am surprised to see only 1 comment on this one lol
    Why can't AJ make their parties more interesting? New items and maybe a new theme every once and a while?

    1. I'm surprised this only had one comment too lol
      Well now it has 3
      It used to be exciting when new parties came out, I miss those days


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