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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Werid and Random AJ Images 13

EDIT: Some news that I missed, the Gingerbread House den is now in the Diamond Shop!

I'll get right into the post this time ok go

This is a picture from AJHQ's old Everloop page. I don't think it's even running anymore... This picture actually "predicted" the bongo drum clothing item (and I think guitars but I don't know if there actually is a guitar clothing item but I assume there is at Jam Session)
There are a few things that have yet to come out though. Most notably, zebras! It could jus be a horse with a mohawk that looks suspiciously like a zebra, which I highly doubt

This image was one of the ones in my "Fruit Slinger Glitch Adventure" post that I made ages ago. Now that I think about it, I don't know if I actually ever made that post...

If you can't tell, everything is really messed up here. The blocks are floating, the background is the wrong one for the level, there are two slingshots, the fruits are on the wrong side, and it says my username is balto9 or something... 

This one doesn't have to do with AJ directly, but it was on my chat (that is pretty dead and inactive now) 
I just found it pretty funny... yeah sorry for posting this pls dont kil me

Just me, playing a classic game of Ghost Marbles with my good friend whose animal's name is Princessess Orangemountain (all of those are impossible to have for an animal name, might I add)
Good times...


  1. That first pic is done in such a weird style. It looks nothing like what AJ used to make at all.
    -Mod Gulo

    1. Most of the everloop artwork looked like that for some reason

    2. @Mod Gulo
      Look what people are saying about you.. They seem really mad... And on another post, they are making fun of you, look:

    3. Oh great... Thanks for showing me that anon.
      -Mod Gulo.

  2. Replies
    1. Nope, AJ's still in maintenance mode

    2. Any update yet..?

    3. Oh ok! Please do a post on it I've been waiting for a long time lol


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