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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wintery Township + Reindeers!

I know the plural of reindeer is still reindeer but I'm going to spell it as reindeers regardless
When I made my last post, the township was still covered in leafies, which is why I didn't include this in that post

So, if you go to Jamaa Township, you'll get to see snow!

I love when the township looks like this! Almost as much as it looks for Halloween...

The fountain is also changed to a campfire

Something I noticed while taking this picture (besides the fact that one of the reindeers is being crushed by a rock) is that reindeer pets are back!

I also found the music file for the AJ holiday music already, which is listed as "AJ_mus_Christmas" 
I might consider making the music play on here, but music on blogs usually bothers me because I am usually listening to other music myself, but maybe if people want it, I'll add it

I might also add back the falling snowflakes


    I had to go somewhere on short notice. If your on right now until 9 I can play though.

  2. I love that campfire fountain thing. It looks cute and sweet. c;

    But poor reindeer pet. Ooph! >•<

  3. can you cool it with the Halloween background (I think there watching me)

  4. btw i did like the falling snoflakes


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