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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Test

No I am still not "fine"

Remember those glitched lights from the other day? I'd hate to say it, but... I think they are more common than Spiked Collars
Everywhere I go I see at least 3 people saying "glitched lights on trade pls trade me fair" or "doing attempts for glitched lights"
That's another thing I don't understand, the "trade attempts" thing. That's a story for another day though if I have anymore days :\

None of this is relevant to this post so I have no idea why it's here. The point of this post is to talk about what all the fancy famous people do. A lot of those youtubers or whatever people are famous for these days sometimes just find a random item and call it rare. Then half the game goes crazy over that item. It happened with a ton of items already - Heart Rings, Ibex Horns, Phantom Rugs, Shark Cages, and a whole bunch of stuff , even spiked collars! (unless I'm wrong about that which I probably am lol)

So I wanted to do a little test. This isn't going to work at all since I am not famous by any means but I'm going to try anyway. I'll pick a random item and call it rare. Let's see how many people go crazy for them

The item I'm picking is called Coral Fence Piece

It came out early 2012 and hasn't been for sale for a long time. Here are all the colors they were available in

So when was the last time you've seen or heard of this item?


Exactly! No one knows what these are so you should go trade for them and treat them like they're more valuable than spiked collars (even tho everything should be treated like that)

But all jokes aside, did you even know these existed? How many have you seen before? I doubt anyone's going to acknowledge these are as rare as they are but it doesn't really matter anyway. Just remember, ocean den items aren't available in any adventure. That means the ones that left stores ages ago have never returned or something like that

ok bye : (

Friday, December 25, 2015

New Glitched Item - Festive Lights

I'll be honest, I didn't want to post anything because I'm really not in a good mood and probably never will be ever again. If my posts are even worse than normal, you know why : (

I'm sure many people are already aware, but the daily gift and daily item from the 23rd was glitched when they first came out
The daily gift was given out like this

Unless I'm mistaken, it was only available through daily gifts in this one color. It was all raspberry, which, as we know, is what color an item gets if it's missing its texture
Despite being a daily gift, the item had a member lock

I made a cruddy gif of what it looks like on a wolf just in case it got removed from the game

Also in Jam Mart Clothing, the same item was available for 450 gems. It was available in a different color than the one given out as a daily gift. Some of the lightbulbs were green instead of raspberry

When trying to change the colors, the first one was the one with green bulbs and the other 7 colors were the same pure raspberry ones that were given as daily gifts
I made a cruddy gif of that too

It's hard to tell but I'm clicking the color change button 7 times in the gif

Here are the two glitched colors of Festive Lights with the member locks they originally had

And yet another cruddy gif. This one is of the green glitched version which I call "magentagreen"

The item has since been removed from Jam Mart Clothing and the daily gift was fixed and was changed to give out new colors. The member lock was also removed

Here are all 9 of the colors they got released in

Just like Glitched Yeti Face and the others from last year, the glitched versions of these items stayed and can still be traded for. However, since the pure raspberry ones were given to tons of players for free as their daily gift, those ones aren't as rare. The magentagreens however seem to be semi-medium-rare now and might become rarer in the future. Since glitched items never come back because AJQ never acknowledges their existence, they can't really become more common, so... yeah

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to look rare in AJ (Joke Post)

 I say this is a joke post but sadly a ton of people do this already

how do i write introductions again i dont even know

Step 1
Buy a green tiara from Jam Mart Clothing and put it on

This will make it look like you have a beta tiara. The key to looking rare is to be as misleading as possible

Step 2
Go to one of the most forgotten rooms in the game, the Hot Cocoa Hut, and buy a green old blanket

 This is to trick the 7 people that think any green old blanket is the "beta" one

Step 4
Turn around so your head isn't facing the camera

This is so people can't see the gem on the tiara, getting their hopes up even more that it's a beta tiara. They'll click on you and maybe check out your trade list

Step 7
Fill your trade list with the most overrated items in the game. In AJ, people think the most common items are the rarest. Look at spiked collars for example
I don't let spiked collars taint my inventory so I don't have any to put on my trade list. Those jamaaliday scarves are pretty overrated I guess, those will do

Step 14
Not only should you put overrated items on trade, you should also wear as many as possible. Spiked collars and wristbands - sorry, I meant "spikes" and "wrists" - are good choices. That's right, wear a wrist on your wrist

Optional Steps
Replace the tiara with a fake beta hood, like this typical arctic wolf who already follows my tips kindly demonstrated for us

Also, try changing your username to adjectives or words like Reflective, Absolute, Difficult, or Reliability. For no reason at all, this is some sort of "trend" in popular servers. Yeah, I don't know either

And arguably the best way to get people to click on you is by saying the word "spike" out loud. I swear people can tell if that word has been spoken from miles away

I hope these tips helped, and have fun getting bad trades!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Complaining about the complainers

So as you probably know, another update happened a few days ago. For once I actually thought this was a good half decent update but I seem to be the only one who thinks that. Apparently more than half the game is going nuts because "my precious den betas came back!!!!12314rfwo⚢!!!!"
In one of those new confusing party shops (in the trading parties/barn parties) you can buy this stuff

A bunch of items came back. That's kinda cool I guess? But of course because this game is run by people who overobsess over items that aren't even that rare, this is a "huge deal"

First of all, people are calling these items "den betas"
I've always hated that term since 99% of people using it don't know what beta means and/or what what items were actually sold in beta. Only two of these items were actually from beta - the green Fire Pot and the Fish Fountain. I'm still unsure if Bongo Drums were from beta or not but I'm thinking they came out with Coral Corners, along with the other items on this page (rose push, fire pit, and pottery wheel thing)
A long time ago I actually made an almost accurate list of items sold in beta

So let's just say 2 and a half of these items were actually from beta. Oh no, two and a half items came back to stores! It's the end of the world!!!!
What bothers me the most is how people tend to not acknowledge these items have already came back and have been out since the release of eagle quest!
In other words, these items have been available for quite some time now yet no one complained about it before. They weren't even rare to begin with - pretty much every Aldaner has 15 of both of these items from hacking beta accounts. Last I checked, everyone and their cat having 15 of an item doesn't make it rare. That doesn't stop people from going crazy over them though (I'm looking at you, edgy spiked collars ¬_¬)
I think this same thing happened when Gazelle Horns came back to stores. The sad thing is, people actually quit the game over this. I can sorta see why people would quit because their extremely rare item is now valueless, but the thing is, these things weren't even that rare to begin with. When viking hats came back in 2012 for rare mondays, half the game quit. I even had 2 of the rarest viking hat colors but I didn't really care that they were now valueless. Sure it would've been nice if I had traded them for good stuff before they came back, but did it really matter? No

Even now, if bait helmets came back, I wouldn't quit over it. In fact I'd be happy if they did - I could wear my old outfit without being threatened to be hacked. Plus, for all those people who really wanted the item, it would no longer be impossible for them to get it (but of course because of the way AJQ is, they never bring back the "special" items meaning it's near impossible to ever get them without having a different special item yourself)
My point here is... just chill. These items have been available for well over a year and it's not the end of the world that they are now easier to get
lol I'll probably end up deleting this post later but I needed to rant about something today before I go insane k bye

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A lot of unreleased/unused achievements

First of all, huge thanks to Qwerts Aj for telling me about this. I have no idea where or how you found this but it was a good find
I also have no idea if this is already known to a lot of people lol

Qwerts told me about a player with a bunch of weird achievements. Usually when I get comments about achievements, they are like "OMG MALUATTE I HAVE THE HERBOLOGY EXPERERT ANCHOVIEMENT" even though I specifically said it's impossible to have that achievement but people in the comments like to lie to sound cool lol
But for once, this wasn't one of those comments. There was actually someone with unreleased achievements and they provided a username so you can look them up for yourselves
The person with these achievements is beemabel

They only have 2 animals and they have pretty much the same outfit but they have plenty of achievements that only members can get, as well as a lot of members only pets. The pets they have seem to be the earliest released ones and the ones that were given out as monthly gifts if that means anything

A lot of the achievements they have aren't in order (for example they have higher Spider Zapper achievements before they had the lower ones) which is odd because if you click on someone's achievements, it puts them in order that the player received them. jammerjamis and sizzlerat also had this "error" and they both turned out to be AJHQ accounts. Maybe beemabel is too but I'm thinking they might be a hacker

Most of these achievements seem to be for features that have been in the game for a while which makes me think they have been in the game unused for a long time (from beta - early 2011)

I'll shut up and start listing all the unreleased achievements they have and what I think they're for
I probably missed a few so feel free to look for yourself

Possibly for activating free chat

The next 4 achievements are related

Fact Finder!
This one is presumably for clicking on 5 fact bubbles around the lands. The fact bubbles don't exist anymore so maybe they are coming back. It's also similar to what I think the Herbology Expert achievement would've been for. It could also be used for clicking on Journey Book things

For clicking on 20 facts

Know It All!
For clicking on 50 facts

Ultimate Explorer!
For clicking on 100 facts

These next 5 (and possibly 6) are for doing the room-specific activities like breaking the ice in Mt. Shiveer or the bridge in Coral Canyons

Dance Commander!
This one is for getting enough players to dance in Club Geoz

Fire Starter!
For getting enough people to dance next to the fire pit in Sarepia
(They should really rename this one - it's like telling kids they get rewarded for starting fires lol)

Falling Rocks!
For getting enough players to jump on the bridge in Coral Canyons

Phantom Dream!
For getting enough players to sleep by the Zios pit in the Temple Of Zios

Thin Ice!
For getting enough people to jump on the ice in Mt. Shiveer

Can You Keep A Secret?
I'm not really sure about this one. The door on the picture seems to resemble > this one in the Chamber of Knowledge < but that door never had a function. Maybe it was originally going to be a secret room that would only open if enough players jumped on it? The Chamber of Knowledge was originally called Chamber of Mysteries which kinda of goes with the achievement name

5 Hour Jammer!
Play for 5 hours

10 Hour Jammer!
Play for 10 hours

20 Hour Jammer!
Play for 20 hours

50 Hour Jammer!
Play for 50 hours

100 Hour Jammer!
Play for 100 hours
(also known as the No Life! achievement) (lol like I have any right to talk about people having no life)

The next 5 achievements are also related. Again, I'm not really sure what these are supposed to be used for. I'm assuming they're meant for watching movies in Brady Barr's Lab/Sarepia Theatre/Wherever but the names suggest they're for making movies. Last I checked, you can watch as many movies as you want but that won't make you an executive producer
Production Assistant!
 The first one is for either watching 5 movies or making 5 movies

Key Grip!
Watch(?) 10 movies

Watch(?) 25 movies

Watch(?) 50 movies

Executive Producer!
Watch(?) 100 movies

Second Animal!
For having 2 animals

For having 6 animals
beemabel had this achievement even though he/she only had 2 animals which is another reason why I think they hacked in these achievements. Yes, it's possible that they deleted all of their other animals after getting this achievement, but I find it odd that they would do that
It's also worth mentioning that they didn't have an animal achievement for having over 6 animals. That supports my theory that these achievements have been in the game for a long time as the original animal limit was 8

I have no idea what these next 8 achievements are meant for. Possibly for playing through adventures. The picture on the achievements looks the same as the triple star emote
This achievement is for finishing your first quest, but it's unknown what "quests" are

First Quest!
Finish 1 quest

10 Quests!
Finish 10 quests

25 Quests!
Finish 25 quests

50 Quests!
Finish 50 quests

100 Quests!
Finish 100 quests

Whatever these quests were/are supposed to be, there would've been harder version of them... I guess. The next 3 achievements are for the harder quests
These could also be for hard mode adventures

Epic Quest!
Finish one superquest

Questmaster 5!
Finish 5 superquests

Questmaster 10!
Finish 10 superquests

Possibly for visiting each land but that sounds a little too easy. It could also be for visiting each room in Jamaa

World Traveler!
This one might be for visiting a certain number of different servers

The next 6 seem to be for the unused Animal Base feature. They use the old animal artwork and are only for the original 6 animals which again supports my theory that these achievements were in the game for a long time but never used. They could also be given to you if you got 10 of a certain type of animal at once to visit your den

10 Base Visits - Rabbit!
Get 10 bunnies to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Wolf!
Get 10 wolves to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Tiger!
Get 10 tigers to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Panda!
Get 10 pandas to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Koala!
Get 10 koalas to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Monkey!
Get 10 monkeys to visit your base/den

Perfect Host!
Possibly for getting on the Epic Dens list or for getting a certain amount of players in your den at once

Den Design 50!
For editing your den 50 times. That probably means placing 50 den items

Den Design 100!
Place 100 den items

Den Design 200!
Place 200 den items

1 Month Member!
Be a member for 1 month. In other words, give AJHQ money and get digital achievements

3 Month Member!
Be a member for 3 months

6 Month Member!
Be a member for 6 months

9 Month Member!
Be a member for 9 months

Member - 1 Year!
Be a member for a year

And that's all that I noticed. If I missed one, feel free to make me feel bad about myself in the comments

While on the topic of achievements, I opened my achievement list and saw this for a split second

Look at the text in the bottom right corner. That's not how it normally looks and seems to be like a template they used for writing achievement descriptions. The achievement it showed was called Mantle! which is a Falling Phantoms achievement you get for playing the game 25 times. I've never played Falling Phantoms on the account I used but the progress bar was already at 21 if that means anything