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Saturday, January 31, 2015

More 71 Info

Almost 4 years ago, I posted about a weird glitch I found when trading. The gave me for glitched items. This was in 2011 before we had items like glitched yeti faces that are just the same item but slightly different shades. The items I got were far more glitchy and even messed up my Jam a Grams for a while

For all I know I'm the only one with pictures of the item called 71, and someone already tried to steal them and claim them as their own because they were lame like that :(
There were other people that owned this item (like my old friend GreenFun) but like I said I don't think anyone else took pictures of them

I'm making this post because some people are fascinated by glitches and content that never got released. Back then I didn't put up all the info I knew about the item because I didn't think anyone would actually care, but in 2014 and 2015 it looks like at least some people do

These pictures are taken from my post that I made almost 4 years ago   I'm going to be difficult and not give you the link to it so good luck finding it
You can find that post >>HERE<< but this post is going to be way more informative than that one so there may or may not be a reason to go to that post (I don't know maybe you want to see how different my writing style was back then ((hint: it was much better back then)) or you want to see the ancient comments or something)

So, I'm sure there's someone asking by now what a "71" is

71 is one of the four glitched items I had, but is the most famous one. It looks like this:

When moused over, it said 71

...which is why I call is 71

Notice how it's raspberry. I've mentioned in a lot of post by now that raspberry is the "color of glitches" but I finally have a better explanation for what that means. Raspberry is what AJHQ uses for items that have no texture or are missing their texture. If you still don't know what that means, sorry sorry

Before I get to what the item actually is (which you might already know by now) I need to mention how I got this item. A long time ago in August of 2011, there was a glitch that happened when to some people when trading. It happened to me while trading with a storage account, but I'm not sure if at the time the glitch worked with any trade or if it was just because AJ had a hard time loading two accounts playing on the same computer at the same time. The glitch also gave me 3 other items

The carpet item was called 129 and the two invisible ones were called 0 (that's the number, not the letter)

I don't remember much about those three items, but I do know that sometimes one of the 0s would turn into a nonmember version of a Princess Chest, but invisible when placed

I believe the other 0 was also invisible when places
According to my old post, the first item (the blue rug) was one of the items that I actually traded to my storage, but its name got changed to 129

I don't know if I ever tested placing the rug, so I don't know if that was invisible too or if it was just a normal rug when place

I'm not completely sure, but I think the names 129 and 71 came from my two gem amounts (my main account's and my storage's)

Oh right, this post was supposed to be about 71, not those other items. Oops...

When I first got 71, I had no idea what it was. It looked like a weird beanbag chair or another rug to me. But it turns out it was a clothing item! I looked for it in my den inventory and it wasn't there, so I checked my clothing inventory and there it was
The item wasn't in any of four the normal categories (Head, Back, Legs, and Neck, there was no Tail category)
I put it on, and to my surprise it was an EYE item!

I could still wear an item of each category, so it was actually in its own category! Back then my theory was that they were either going to add make-up for your animals, or that there was going to be a new category called Face 
The example I used was that Bat Glasses would be Face items and Arctic Hoots would still be Head items so you could wear both at the same time. Now that I know more about techy stuff, my theory is that 71 (and possibly the other items) were dummy items, which means they are/were items that AJHQ used for testing bugs, or it was just a placeholder item. The other theory I have is hard to explain, but I'll try my best. It's possible that eyes and maybe patterns are considered to be clothing by the game's code, but they just don't appear in your inventory normally. The fact that the item was raspberry supports the theory that it's a dummy item since it's missing its texture, and if it was a dummy item they probably wouldn't have bothered to give it a texture. Then again, some Furry Hats are raspberry and those aren't dummy items, so... maybe it was just a glitch that it was missing a texture?

While the item was cool, it was also sort of dangerous. The trade that got me the item actually replaced the items I was trading, so I lost all of them for good
If you tried to send it to another player, it would practically ruin their Jam a Gram inbox. At first, the other person doesn't even get the Jam a Gram that has the gift attached. Later on (after a day or so?) it would say they have a new Jam a Gram. If they checked their inbox, it would fail to load, and any Jam a Grams people sent them after that would not show up for them. It stayed like that for months until AJHQ fixed it. Imagine sending one to one of those people who beg for free items for "mail time"

The item could be sold for 0 gems

Even after selling selling it, I still had it! It just kept coming back

All four items got removed from my inventory shortly after, and the trading glitch was also fixed shortly after

If you have any questions about 71 or the other items, feel free to ask! There may be something I forgot to mention

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delevery Adventure + Prizes

The new limited time adventure is here!

This one looks sort of similar to Jamaaliday Rescue and also has the same general idea - find stuff

This time, an owl will give you Valentines to deliver to people's mailboxes

All you have to do is click the paw above an open mailbox and your letter amount in the top left corner will go down. Once you deliver all of your letters/valentines, you'll get a prize!

Just like Jamaaliday Rescue there are LOADS of prizes! It's going to be hard getting all of the items and taking pictures of all of them just to have someone steal my pictures but I'll do it for the Jammers

Before I get to that here are a few things to keep in mind:
~Eagles are allowed in this adventure (Thanks SeptemberCattleDog) (NOTE: they might change this soon so don't yell at me calling me a liar if they do)
~There are treasure chests hidden around the map. They can either have gems, random nonmember items, or more of this adventure's exclusive prizes

Mouse over each one to see its item name

Clothing items

Furniture Items

If you have any prizes exclusive to Special Delivery that are not up here, please let me know!

I still need a Valentine Bag and Owl Messenger Statue (and any other item not on this list for my person collection) so if you have any of those and will trade them for other adventure prizes, please let me know

There's more of those four people gates, but you can bypass them if you use your eagle
The map is shaped like a heart which is adorable

Here's a gif I made of the owl in the beginning's movements

I'll make ones for the other owl movements but my priority is the item pictures right now (I actually take all of those myself so it's torture finding them all lol

AJ Update - January 29 2015

I got a message from my friend Literate that there is a new adventure for Valentine's Day! So I went on AJ and to my surprise there was a new Jamaa Journal! Maybe this is to make up for the update that took 3 weeks

Page 1

The adventure is called Special Delivery and is available in the Parties menu

I'll make a new post about that soon and hopefully with pictures of all available prizes (there are a lot, just like in Jamaaliday Rescue)

The rest of the "new" Jamaa Journal is pretty much the same as the one from last week

Page 2

Page 3

At least this time the Friendship Party is out!

Page 4


Page 5

Judging by how AJHQ does things, because we got an update today that probably means eagles will come out in 2 weeks from now instead of one week from now...

Page 6

I don't know if they just forgot to update this page or if the new den set will be revealed in ANOTHER two weeks, hopefully they didn't lie last week by saying it was in 2 weeks when it is really in 3 weeks