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Monday, January 26, 2015

AJ History - Jam a Grams

Jam a Grams have been in the game since the dawn of AJ, or at least beta. They used to be just cards to send to your buddies with messages like "Thanks for being my friend!" and sometimes a gift, but now they are usually used to ask people for trading (or for annoying other people about trading lol) and to send buddy requests to someone with a full buddy list like me
Jam a Grams did go through a bunch of changes since the beginning, so that that gives me something to talk about and I don't have to make stuff up yay

In December 2010, the layout for Jam a Grams was like this
(picture taken from a video by Fuzzy Shyivy)

If you can't tell from the picture, the Jam a Gram window didn't always cover the entire AJ screen. It worked sort of like the map does - you can still see behind the window on the sides

I don't know exactly if it was like this in beta and when they changed it unfortunately. Looking back at my memories of when I joined AJ, I remember the Jam a Gram window looking like it does now (That was in February 2011)

You were only allowed to use preset messages like "I really like your den!" and "Party in Club Geoz!"
Some of those messages got changed overtime too. In beta, most of the messages ended with a . instead of a ! but I don't think anyone cared or noticed that change

There were also limited time messages like "Happy Day of the Phantoms!"
While there are limited time messages now, members can just type them out anyway
Another thing to mention is that there used to be no "You got a buddy request" Jam a Grams. There was no way to send buddy requests to someone unless that person was online (there was no button to search for other people either)
Sometime in 2011(?) they added the ability to send buddy requests to offline players through Jam a Grams but I sadly don't have a picture of the Jam a Gram that was used for that
When I used to update my archive blog, I made a small list of all the available Jam a Grams
You can find that >>HERE<<
(That list was never completed though)

On March 23rd 2012, I (accidentally) got a preview of a new feature that everyone wanted, Jam a Gram typing! I found this by doing the empty room glitch that unfortunately doesn't work anymore

This was an amazing discovery back then because all of us were living in a world with no way to message players unless they were in the room with you

After I found that, the next AJ update included this feature for members on March 29th 2012

We were never able to send custom messages like gtsuyrdguvsi and we could only use words that were "verified" by AJHQ just like it is now, probably so no one would send mean Jam a Grams to people. The messages we could send back then though were not nearly as strict as they are now, just like how they made that chat super strict (free chat is NOT free)

There was also no Jam a Gram limit at all, so you could send unlimited Jam a Grams to someone if you wanted to spam their inbox. The limit was added sometime in March 2012 as well

Like I mentioned in the previous post, nonmembers could freely send and receive gifts through Jam a Grams. Eventually they removed their ability to accept gifts but they could still send them. Now, nonmembers can't send or accept gifts. It doesn't even let you send anything to nonmembers now! r00d AJHQ

You can find more old Jam a Grams at this link:
>>CLICK<< (includes a weird glitchy Jam a Gram

I like making these posts about AJ's past okay


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    1. Ok thanks Meloetta!

    2. The reason it was like that is because in 2013 I wanted to forget everything about AJ but I didn't want to delete my other blogs because I knew one day I'd come back so I made them so only I could view them
      I know you didn't ask but I answered anyway :)

  2. Keep making them, I love it May!
    And I wished non members could at least accept gifts :(

  3. I know I sound delayed but does AJ still give out monthly gifts? lol

  4. Meloetta my AnimalJam Account is not letting me get on when I was suspended yesterday! (I got suspended for saying *do you watch Venturian Tale* :l) and now I tiped in mlp06 and my password is says ''this account is suspended and can not log in at this time'' and its my ''main'' account can you tell me why mabe :o)

    (sorry if I bugged you)


    1. AJ suspended me for no reason one time, your only option are to wait out the suspension time or to use a different account for now

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  6. So this was when Jam-A-Grams were introduced? December 2010?


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