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Sunday, January 25, 2015

AJ History - Trading

What a lot of newer players don't know is that the trading system didn't always exist. Instead, players would trade through Jam a Grams

And that worked out... Actually no it didn't. This method of trading (which was the only method of trading) was the origin of scams in AJ

Here's how it would go 99% of the time when trading:

Player1: hey [player2] want 2 trade my glove 4 ur fox hat?
Player2: Sure, random person that I don't know!
Player1: ok send me fox hat and 1st and i will sned back my gluv
Player2: *sends the fox hat to player1*
Player1: *logs off/leaves the room without giving player2 the glove*

Sometimes the scammer would send the victim a 45 gem necklace instead (those are what I call the "nice" scammers)

Of course there was always that 1% of people that actually had a sense of decency and would keep their word and send you the right gift after you sent yours

Back then, not a lot of people actually cared about having rare items, but most of the people that did were the scammers (NOT ALL)

Not all scams involved getting rare items from people though. Sometimes people would just try to get one of your store bought items because they were too lazy to buy them their selves/get gems

Before the trading system came out, I got scammed at least once. The only one I remember went like this:

Before I got scammed, my friend sent me a red Royal Cape that at the time was being sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut. Sometime after that, I was in the new land (Mt. Shiveer) and a random seal(might have been a wolf or something I don't remember) saw I had was rocking that fancy red cape and wanted to trade with me. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I ended up falling for it and sending him my royal cape and he ran off to where scammers used to hang out (right now it's Aldan LOL)

Of course it wasn't a big deal because I could just buy another one, but gems were hard to get back then. We didn't have all of these fancy games like Best Dressed or Falling Phantoms. We only have games that gave you less than 20 gems per round like Twister and Overflow. My game of choice was Gem Brea- getting sidetracked sorry

But like I said earlier, not ALL of the traders were bad people. At least a few times I saw some honest trades at the township where both people would send their promised items. Those all COULD have just been little skits to get other people to believe they were real honest traders though... There was one time where someone said something along the lines of "send me something and I will give you something else in return"
I sent them an item (pretty sure it was something from Valentine's day) and they actually sent me something back (a different Valentine's day item probably) and I thanked them for not be a r00d scammer jerk

Another thing to mention is that nonmembers could send and accept gifts, so anyone could just make a new account (new accounts didn't appear as New Jammer either, it just showed their actual username) so anyone could just make a new nonmember account, scam someone, send their real account the scammed items, and their real account would never get banned

It seemed like AJ was either clueless that people were scamming, or they just didn't care. But one day, me and my friend were playing AJ together like we did every day. We were playing Spider Zapper, the game I was terrified of when I first played it. After we had enough of rapid clicking the poor spiders to make some quick money, we clicked the X in the corner to stop playing. I was brought back to Club Geoz, but she was stuck in an empty black room! This is what she saw:
(Click to make bigger)

She had a (glitchy) preview of the upcoming trade system! In that picture you can actaully see the old icon for trading which is pretty cool. As far as we knew, we were the only people in the game that knew about the trade system that was coming out! We tried to tell everyone about it but no one believed us (because who would believe two random girls in a town filled with liars and scammers?)
Later on an AJ Guide confirmed that there was a trading system coming soon (he ight have said that before this picture was taken, I don't remember)

If I learned anything from that day, it had to have been that empty rooms in AJ are a glimpse into the future! I know that sounds crazy, but think about it. When she glitched into the empty room, she got a preview of the trading system. It actually happened to me too not long after. There's another time where I got into an empty room and got a preview of Jam a Gram typing! You can find that in an older post of mine but chances are I'll repost it some time

The trade system came out sometime between March 2011 to early April 2011

I have some untold stories of when the trading system officially came out


  1. Make a post on the untold stories it sounds intresting

  2. wow thats awesome! having to see previews and not 'hack' like ajinsider
    i mean im not against it but yknow (about ajinsider)

    continue with le gem breaker and games that earned gems story :P and nearly done with the aj 2011-2012 thingamabob

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    3. SPOILERS only 2011 players will care unless other people care about the past

    4. I care about the past. Please tell me your sekrit project

    5. Okay so people do care, good to know : )

    6. I'm a 2011 player! We got the proof :P I don't know if I'd count :3

  4. Sometimes i wish that AJ Would bring back the beta days, but then i remember that all the scammers would scam there as well.

    1. but why would they bring back the beta days?

  5. I tried this challenge
    I got SO CLOSE! The dragon had less that 20% health and I thought I had more time, but the world border caught me
    Scarier than UHC

    1. Katsu I don't know if you got my message but I have a gift for ye

  6. Nice post! How long did it take you to type all that up? But either way, it was worth reading!

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  7. Hey guys, still want the Beta Days to come back?


    1. I saw someone screaming in the town "OMG GUYS THE BETA DAYS ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!!"
      but it makes no sense because beta doesn't just "come back"
      Just supports my suspicions that no one in this game knows what beta even is

  8. Tell us the stories Melotta!!!!!!! I wanna here em!!!


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