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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AJ Pixel Art that's almost 4 years old

Back in 2011, I had a page that showed all of my animals and what outfits that had. I don't think tha page exists anymore (not even on the internet time machine) but I don't think anyone looked at the page or would want to now because you can just search for my username and look at my animals if you really cared that much. The reason I am bringing that is is because to go along with the items I had listed for my outfits, I made little tiny pixel arts for each of my items and I thought at least someone might be interested in seeing what a bad job I did on making them

They might be hard to see, so you might want to zoom in on them (I tried to enlarge them myself but blogger just made them blurry

Pink Arctic Hood

Wreath Necklaces

 Heart Balloon

Head Feather

 Turkey Hat



Freedom Hat

Police Hat

Clover Earmuffs


Headdress (I couldn't make a headdress so I just made a feather... I think?)

Lava Glove?

Heart Cape?

I honestly don't know... Elf Bracelets maybe?

Remember, these were made almost 4 years ago so don't judge me now for making very very bad pixel art

I don't remember what program I used to make these, but whatever it was it was very useful and even let me anime my pixel arts

This isn't related to AJ, but here is an (unfinished) animation I made of a failed attempt at making a unique character that I called Ploint

 The idea is that it was a flower with pointy floating petals and for some reason it had electricity powers

Again, I admit my pixel art skills aren't the best, but in my defense that animation looks MUCH better when it isn't really slow... I can't figure out how to speed it up


  1. jackyboy9917835219January 21, 2015 at 2:37 AM

    good job!!!

    yeah not really

    ~ jackyboy9917835219

    1. How dare you jackyboy!!!!! Her art is wonderful!

    2. Ur never getting ur headress back. Ha ha. Wait can I have the whole story on how it was scammed. I only know it was scammed. I read Melotta's blog a lot.

    3. 3 people teamed up and scammed him, that's all I know

  2. Wow nice job Meloetta! :D

  3. Oh my gosh! Ploint is soooo cute! Nice job Mel!
    I give your animations a score of 1000 out of 10 :D

  4. wow I do pixel art all dya eavery day and its bot nearlyhas good as this!So much detail!

  5. I didn't think anyone would actually like these
    Time to time travel to 2011 again and make more

  6. When you showed these back in 2011 I actually was really interested
    I wanted to ask how you did them but I guess I felt awkward asking
    They're so cute and kawaii ;3;

  7. I like them! Can I use the heart balloons on my blog maybe? -Will give respective credit


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