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Thursday, January 22, 2015

AJ Update January 22 - The "wait 2 more weeks" update

 Yeah, you see the title... Classic AJHQ

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

Page 1

There's another new den that should have been a new land instead of a den! Seriously, they put more work into dens than they put into lands... The den is pretty cool and is in the same style as the volcano in Greely's Inferno
So we got a new fancy and detailed den. What's the catch? You have to spend all of those diamonds you had that you were saving up so you can buy an owl, of course!
(unless you are rich)

Here's the preview of it

I like it, but the problem I have with big dens is that it's hard to decorate them. A cool think about this den though, you can get the lava effect on your animals! That was previously only available at the Wolves Only Party

Page 2

 Speaking of parties, the Friendship Party is back! ...or at least is coming back soon
Just like with the 2015 party, it's not actually out yet. I'd give it two weeks
There's also a new armor set (as always, it's in the diamond shop)
Too bad all of it is members only... I quite like the wings but there's no way I'm spending 3 diamonds on that

Page 3

"Thanks to the HARD WORK of Jammers all over Jamaa, AJHQ was able to ADOPT a REAL PANDA at a local zoo!"

Uhh... You guys know you could have just adopted that panda without needing to make us buy digital pandas? It's not like they are broke or anything (and I really don't think many people bought diamonds just to but a panda)
You can click the panda banners around Jamaa to watch a video (the one in the newspaper works too, but don't try clicking it on this blog because I'm not that advanced)

Page 4

This page has 2 more videos! There's the obligatory announcement of the animals we already knew were coming! Yay! Just two more weeks
And of course another video about drawing, I actually enjoyed the one where the guy drew the wolf so hopefully this one is enjoyable too
(I haven't watched it yet)

Page 5

Another "wait two weeks before this stuff actually comes out" thing
I can understand this one though. They wanted to wait the whole 2 weeks so everyone could get their vote in, but still... two more weeks

Mhm, that's THREE things that are coming in two weeks
At least that means the next update will be a big update...

There are three new Jam a Grams/new preset messages that you can sned to people

I don't actually know who purseypoppet2 is, but they did try to trick me into thinking my elf helmet was just a normal colour lol (technically it is but it got deleted)
I miss when preset Jam a Gram messages weren't IN ALL CAPS but you know how much AJHQ loves CAPS

There are 5 new items, and one fo them was not meant to be released and will probably be deleted by the time you read this (they do this every two weeks because of a glitch in their system that they refuse to fix but I can't complain about that)

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Two really old AJ items are back! That Princess Chair was one of my first den items if anyone cares (no one does)

Also in Jam Mart Furniture is...

A fancy diancie new Rose Table! I'm a big fan of glass tables for some reason, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to spend 650 gems on them

In Jam Mart Clothing...

I have a feeling these might become the new Flower Crowns
They probably won't be though. but if they are, I called it

And the last item that will get removed soon is... Next week's Rare Monday item!?

 As of this post it's in Jam Mart Clothing

Maybe AJHQ will surprise us and have this not come out ever again because it was a glitch or something so maybe buy one or two? If they do come back out on Monday at least you won't have to buy one then

I'll give this update a...

0 points (feature-wise) because they added nothing new other than new Jam a Grams

6.8 points (item wise) because I actually like these new items that the update brought


  1. Ooh a purse
    Wish I could get one right now :(

    Other than that are you kideen me leik AJHQ you make us wait for owls but yet you UNEXPECTEDLY RELEASE GREELY'S HIDEOUT that looks awesome and you buy it and then owls come out and YOU REGRET IT????? y u do dis?

  2. PINJUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING....now that they have the Greely den and the Cosmo den.. Will they make other alpha dens?!?! Do you think they're brining back the Alpha theme and will also put the PRETTY BETA healing staff and the Alpha staff to the diamond shop?!?! There's so much more they could do! THEY COULD MAKE A FLYING ANIMAL LAND ONLY AND THEY COULD MAKE THE OWL NON MEMBER BUT FOR GEMS, ( or if AJHQ is greedy make them FIVE DIAMONDS )!

  3. I actually think the updates are rushed. The new Jam-a-Grams look really rushed and it's a boring update if I'm honest with you.

    1. Yeah, the Jam a Grams are really plain and the updates recently have been really lacking. Most of the previous pages of the Jamaa Journal have been advertising stuff that's already been released

    2. I also noticed they don't use their art style anymore which is kinda sad. I think it's really pathetic putting everything in the Diamond Shop. Us jammers won't have any diamonds to purchase the owls because we spent them all on this update.

      AJHQ need to make updates bigger.

    3. Have you also seen today's DE post? What the? Gem Ball has always been there.

    4. Wow, and have you noticed that they end everything with ??? or !!! now? It just looks so... messy pr something

      And look at this post



      Was that really necessary? Who is writing this stuff?
      "Tell all the buddies" isn't even proper English

    5. I know right. The DE now looks really messy. They repeat so much stuff which we already know about. The recent updates are really boring. The dens they are making are too big and that's why I avoid buying them.

    6. The update was amazing in my opinion...... And I love the jam a grams they are so cute! And AJ's art style is not bad

    7. Well, I think it's a meme. Have you ever heard of, "Clean all the things!"? It's from a popular blogger, and ever since she posted it, it has become popular.

    8. Not only are the dens way too big, but they are also really expensive

    9. I think they mean they miss AJ's old art style, I know I sure do

    10. Mldriver - Didn't that meme die out in 2012 though?

    11. The Jam-a-Grams are a joke. They probably took 5 mins to create.

  4. What's the item that wasn't s'posed to be released?

  5. Why does AJHQ categorise things that are bullying and scamming when they are NOT bullying or scamming? Because today:
    Me: -eats all the fruit in the fruit bowl in my den - No ONE ELSE but me-
    Me: Whoops! Ate all the fruit! Oh well, I'd better go and get some more.
    AJHQ: -shoves thing in my screen and yells- Bullying is against the Animal Jam Rules. Be careful with your language in case you hurt someone's feelings, even by accident.
    Me: o.o AJHQ. that wasn't even bullying... *groan*

    1. I can't believe you bullied the fruit by eating it...

      Just kidding of course, but at least you didn't get suspended for talking about quitting

    2. Uh-huh. Also, I think AJHQ wanna keep their players and not make them leave the game ever.
      I kinda wonder why the chat has '...' before it shows up. Weird or what... and also why you can say some stuff in the chat box but when you post it, it yells its head off because you said something crazy... I guess I will never get to the bottom of these mysteries lol

    3. I think the "..." has always been there, it just hasn't been visible until recently. If you type a message and it stays as ... that means your message didn't show up to other people for whatever reason
      Before there was no way to know if your message actually showed up or not

    4. Ok thanks
      I nearly got hacked just now :(
      Luckily I saw through the person and didn't give away my *bleeeeeeeep* word
      Here's what happened:
      Nm tiger: Come to my den if u want meh list (he had rlly OMG-I-NEED-DIS stuff on his trade like spike and headdress)
      Me -goes to den-
      Nm tiger: -turns up- Buddy me
      Me -buddies-
      Nm tiger logged out
      Me: ...
      -fox appears-
      Fox: Hi, I'm that person's member aj. Buddy me
      Me: -buddies-
      Fox: Lock your den and go there
      Me: -locks den and goes there-
      Fox: -turns up- What do you want on the list?
      Me: Headdress
      Fox: ok, tell you what, let's swap ajs and u end the headdress to urs, yeah? and I go on urs to get u some gems
      Me: -suspects what's happening- NO! You will just ha click me
      Fox: No I promise
      Me Nice try, but I will never get ha clicked.
      Fox: -knows that plan has been foiled and leaves-
      Me: WOO HOO I AM SAFE O YUZ -does a pop dance on table- LOL

      Just wanted to write dat out lolzz

  6. I should have saved my diamonds, I would have had 12 diamonds

  7. They release a den and armour a few weeks before releasing the new animal, to make us buy a membership to get it.

    That purse though.
    Gucci gucci

  8. My computer says I don't have Adobe Flash... but I went on AJ this morning. I'd better re-download it. Be right back



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