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Thursday, January 8, 2015

AJ Update - January 8th 2015 (The week late update)

 This update took them an extra week to add so I assumed there would be a lot added - I was wrong, but I should have saw this coming. Oh well, I'll start reviewing the update sassily like I always do

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

Page 1

Those pet pandas that ajinsider showed us are finally out! They are in the Diamond Shop though, so that takes away all of the positive points I was going to give them : (

 Page 2
They added panda banners all over Jamaa... I'll get to that later
That bouncey house that ajinsider also showed finally makes an appearance in the game in the form of a party! 

I don't know if there's any shops there or anything but I'll have a post up about the party when I actually get to one

Page 3

There's another votey thing where you can vote on your favorite den item set! I like the idea of it, but last time all of the loser sets came out anyways so I don't know why they even bother with the voting thing. I guess so the more popular one comes out first, but...

Here's the votey thing

It lets you take a closer look at the sets, so I took a picture of each of them for future reference

I personally like the paint one the most, but no one asked for my opinion lol

Page 4

Now here's something that a lot of people will probably care about - a new animal! I did the slider puzzle (I didn't actually do it correctly but at least I made the animal) and if you can't tell what it is for some reason, the new animals will be Owls! We will have to wait another month (or more) because in the next update they will just reveal that the new animal is an owl (even though everyone already knows) and then in the update after that, owls will be available, most likely in the diamond shop because AJHQ (they might also delay the new updates)
I understand they have to finish programming owls or whatever, but why show us the new animal if they are going to make the wait over a month? They should show the new animal when it's done, not a month before but I doubt they will ever do that

This time there is NO copy/pasted ad on the last page! +A some bonus points for that

 Now I'll talk about the panda thing... So, if you click on one of the panda banners that they put around the lands, you get this message box thing:

 Do you want to know how I feel about these kinds of things? No? Well too bad, I'm telling you anyway

The thought of it is nice - we will adopt one panda if you people buy 50,000 pet pandas (that means they want us all to spend 150,000 diamonds total!!!)
But the question I always have with these kinds of things is - why don't they just adopt that one panda anyway? Why do we have to spend 150,000 virtually useless diamonds for you to adopt the said panda? Why can't they just adopt it anyway? :( I'd say more but I know I'll get people yelling at me for doing so
And why stop there? Adopt every panda ever and take over the world with them

 Just like last update (or at least I THINK it was last update, it might have been two updates ago) they brought back another Rare Monday item accidentally and will probably take it back soon

 It's in Jam Mart Clothing just like it was before

Something else I noticed is that the Gingerbread House den has the clearance tag on it. That's something that hasn't been on any item in a long time unless I am way wrong about that

Nowadays items just have a countdown clock (which I admit is much better than the clearance tag)

The only other new item is the The Breadstick Crocodile Claw in the (sigh) Diamond Shop

The rest of these aren't really new, but they finally fixed the glitch that they had, so now you can change the colours of them!

Ornament Earrings (Jam Mart Clothing)

 Yeti Face (Hot Cocoa Hut)

Overpriced Branch Antlers (Epic Wonders)

I have yet to notice if the original colours are glitched or not

I give this update a... 5.8/10
Content-wise this update scores a 1/10


  1. I don't think there in the d shop bc the last one was in the d shop and they hhave a pattern

    1. Are you talking about owls? I think all 2014 new animals were in the diamond shop

    2. True but the last gem animal was the deer and that was back in Dec. of 2013. I think it's time for a new gem animal bc this "Now available in the DIAMOND SHOP!" crap is getting kinda out of hand. Let's just hope ajhq can have a little sense and not put it in the diamond shop though I doubt it.
      -Mod Gulo

    3. So I was right about all 2014 animals being diamond animals unfortunately

    4. they have a pattern new dimiond animal old gem animal but there are no more endangerd animals in gem section so they have to make a gem animal

    5. i think all flying animals will be in diamond shop because they do special things

  2. erhmehgosh de bredsticks iz so cool!!!2!112`! <<£33333333£££33

  3. And yes, I agree with you as far as the pandas go.
    You buy 10 diamonds for (approximately) 10 dollars. So, unless my maths is totally flawed - which it could easily be - they want us to spend FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on virtual diamonds, so they can adopt a panda for, I think the average is, 3 dollars a month? Why don't I just adopt a panda by myself? Or maybe a wild panda, rather than a zoo panda?

  4. I like the paint studio style den, too. ^.^

    I think calling it the "Breadstick Claw" is far more epic- sounding than just calling it the "Crocodile Claw". I love the Breadstick comics by the way- so funny. Wait.. Since it's in the Diamond Shop, does that make Breadstick worth diamonds? (Not the exact Breadstick- his, um, duplicates.?) X3

  5. Maybe that explains why animal jam gave me 3 diamonds in the daily spin for 2 days XD now I have 50 diamonds :O


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