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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Greely's Hideout Secret Beta Thing

 I noticed in the preview of the new den, in the very top left corner is this little view of Jamaa Township

It also comes with that amazing sunset! What's interesting about this is the thing that's under the sun where the Jammer Central thing should be

Back in really early beta, where the Jammer Central board is now used to look like this

After a little while they changed it to this:
(picture form SagwaSunshine's video)

It stayed like that since sometime in 2011

But my point is, that overview of Jamaa Township in the new den is a mix between beta and the present! The beta gong thing is there, but so is the Diamond Shop and Sol Arcade which were NOT in beta. It also looks like that view of the town is surrounded by mountains, whereas the real town does not. That must mean the overlook of the town is from another dimension! That, or I am just looking too deeply into this


Here's something I missed from the new update

Since Peck is now the star of the starter tutorial, she is also the star of the den item tutorial! Looks like bunnies are taking over AJ AGAIN...


I know I said I hate shoving so many things into one post but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do that sometimes

The new items today are these:

In Bahari Bargains...

In Jam Mart Clothing...

 In Jam Mart Furniture...


  1. I really like how they put the beta gong thing there. I think it was a nice touch

    1. jackyboy9917835219January 24, 2015 at 2:31 AM



    2. yes


  2. My work as a h4x0r has begun

    1. How d'ya do that?
      Psst... I really, really wanna hack- NO I DO NOT MEAN THAT HACK- I mean the hacks like AjInsider has to see upcoming items

    2. Wait... didn't the Blankets used to be non member? And now it says that the Heart Blanket is member

    3. Heart Capes have always been member items

      You might be thinking of Clover Blankets which are nonmember

    4. Oh yeah, thanks
      I was thinking of the clover blankets lol

  3. umm sorry to say this but the veiw is now a phantom fortress

    1. Please read the full post, I said it's in the top left corner

  4. i have read the post and went to preview as an eagle

  5. It's too bad that only members can see the horizon of Jamaa ): Luckily I'm a member!!! Thanks for pointing out the little thing with the beta days thing.


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