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Thursday, January 15, 2015

I think this counts as Weird and Random AJ images 16

Yes, another one of these
There might be a lot of them this week but at least these posts are better than me trying to make stuff up or starting rumors

I found my SD card so I have more pictures to share, so if you aren't interested... I don't know stop reading I guess

As always, these ictures are from 2011 or 2012
I don't remember if I took this image myself or if my friend sent it to me, but here

I also don't know why either of us even got this message... I've never heard about anyone else getting a message like this

Anyway, this one I know for a fact was sent to me by friend

My username used to be Mayksufi, but when she tried to trade me it said "ayksufi"
Looking back at this picture now, I think the picture might be edited since there is one greyish pixel where the M should be, and that usually means it's an editing fail. I don't know why I'm even showing this if it's just an edit but there's always that chance that it was actually a glitch and wasn't edited

THIS one is edited though:

That's also sent in by friend. It's an inside joke that only we will get but I'm putting it here so everyone so everyone will be confused :)

The last thing is more of a "did you know?" kind of thing
When the oceans were first released, the outside of Bahari Bargains used to have a shell necklace sign attached to the side

Here's what it looks like now

I don't know why they removed that, and I don't think anyone other than me noticed that little detail, but... there you go

These posts get even more boring as they go on, so why does anyone read these? lol


  1. jackyboy9917835219January 15, 2015 at 1:56 AM

    if it makes you feel any better no one reads these


    1. I do. Rude jackyboy

    2. And I can't look up jackyboy on animal jam... Does he even exist?

    3. I don't know, sometimes it doesn't let me search for my friend fomar even though they exist, and one of my other friends brought me and a few other people to seatop's den, but none of us other than him could search that username

    4. I read all her post Jackyboy! >:( You potato!


    5. i am going to hak u jackyboy!!!!!1111!11!!!1

    6. o noes dont hak jackygirl :(((((

  2. Haha I miss the times AJ would send "Yay! You have been granted ___ gems!"

    Blast from the past who even says that anymore

  3. Guys, I have another 'Rosey' in an account. Search up the user 'Evie' and her wolf is called 'Rosey Sunnydog. Just thought you'll want to know.

  4. Like a month ago, I got the granted gems thing, but it gave me 1000. It was weird.

    1. I didn't know they still did that, good to know

  5. I read your posts because they're sarcastic and entertain me when I read them as I get ready for school. c;

  6. Maybe it's because Animal Jam gets more boring by the day?

  7. OMG! I got that you have been granted 600 gems thing earlier this month! it wasn't 600 gems though it was more like 150 gems .-.


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