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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jammer Central Polls

I was trying to find more interesting stuff on old AJ website and I found something that might be slightly interesting to some people. I don't know know if you remember, but AJ used to have a blog where they didn't post with a robotic formula that was written by AJ guides (GuideKit being the main poster)
That's not what this post is about but I felt like mentioning that anyway. What I'm really talking about if you couldn't tell from the title is Jammer Central. If you don't know what that is, it was AJ's way of giving shoutouts to players and alos feature their art and poems. Yes, that is also what the bulletin board is called in Jamaa Township, but this was before that (it had its own page at animaljam.com)
On Jammer Central they had polls where players could vote on. Most (or all) of the polls were weird questions like "what's your favorite pizza toppings" and the only options were really random that no one would actually click though. I'll stop talking and get to the point - I found the URLs for where AJ's old polls are stored

Poll #1 can be found here:

To get to the other polls, replace the 1 in the URL with a different number from 2 - 23

For anyone wondering, the poll format used to look like this:
(this one is poll #23)

You can't actually vote on them, but I think it's interesting to see the weird questions used to ask when they actually cared about the players
Then again my idea of "interesting" is probably far different from yours 

And about the bird poop thing that I mentioned in the last post, I still haven't been to a Paradise Party again to test and see if my suspicions are correct (I'm trying to make it sound way more cool than it actually is)


  1. jackyboy9917835219January 3, 2015 at 3:19 AM

    hey i remember those polls back in the day man. i miss beta, i had a lot of cool friends back then like llIIlIIlL and LargeRabbit

    ~ jackyboy9917835219

  2. Jackyboy do u miss your silver headdress fwilucf, fgefsgscgh, and bficeLOLgfeIS are so mean right :'(


    1. jackyboy9917835219January 3, 2015 at 6:33 PM

      well yea of course i miss it i got team scammed

  3. this is very interesting, I joined in around 2011 2012 -ish so It's cool to see stuff from the beta days. Keep these kinds of posts around, Anyways jam on!!


    1. I love posting about old AJ stuff so there will definitely be more posts like this

    2. I joined in 2014 man I wish I had a time mashine

    3. yeahh man and when we used to call you Blossom too
      Sorry if that annoys you May


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